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    Editors/WM - please help, revenue share bonus not received

    Hello editors/webmasters, I am very confuse and sad when I saw that I hadn't received revenue share bonus of April 2013 month whereas other top 14 members received their their revenue share bonus. When I check the list of revenue sharing members, my name is given in the list of top 15 members. Editors and webmasters, please help because the amount is not added to my current balance (when I updated). Even the amount is not showing in my profile when I check gifts and awards section. So you are requested to help me in this issue.

    Amit Singh
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    As many of your articles were found to be copied you have been excluded from revenue share bonus.

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    Hello editor, I think that my copied articles have been already deleted by webmaster and amount is also deducted from my current balance. I would also like to say that my articles are not copied, only the format is same. At last, my copied articles were deleted. You are requested to help because I have even contributed to forums and ask experts section also. Really, I am very disappointed and sad from this action of webmaster because my all articles of April month are not copied. Please check it again and think.

    amit singh

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    It is not the matter that you copy x articles but out of y. It is the fact that you COPIED. We trust our authors to do original work for the numerous benefits that TEC gives. Even copying 1 article is sufficient for your disqualification from any/all contests and awards.

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    There were several articles, which were also copied from other sources. We do not accept any copied content on Techulator.

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    At last, I think that techulator administration has done very wrong with me. It's not the way to disqualify from all contests and awards. I am very much disappointed from webmaster. I think that you should inform me or warm me before taking such big action. I convince that I will not COPY articles again but please help me, don't excluded from revenue share bonus.


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    Hello ashley mam, I know that but you should also know that those articles were already deleted from techulator. Now, I think that there is no copied article from other source. If any, so you can delete them also but you are requested to don't exclude me from revenue share bonus.

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    The action is taken by any authority for violation of the rules of the organisation. It is the prerogative of the organisation to debar or punish any member for wrong doing, so that the member tries to make amends and follow the rules of the organisation in future. In such cases, the effected person should take all the necessary steps to prove to the management that he or she will not indulge in any violation of the rules of the organisation. Your disappointment also disappoints us. But rules are rules and these have to equally applicable to all, including the editors. Your rights can be restored if you do not commit such acts of omission and commission in future.
    "Teaching is my passion & sharing of knowledge is my motto"

    Sukhdev Singh
    Lead Editor & Platinum Member at ISC

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    I think that the punishment for the violation of rule has already given me by deleting my articles. So, I am confuse that for which violation of rule, my revenue share bonus has excluded. Clearly, I want to say that this punishment is not applicable for this violation of rule. I had already convince in the above response that I will not violate the rule again so administration should also give chance to prove myself. Humanity is bigger than rules, hope you understand. Even I don't know that which of my rights are restricted. I would also like to clarify that I had already realize my mistake when some of my approved articles were deleted in a single day. At last, you are requested and pleased to reward me revenue share bonus so that I will be able to work hard forward in future.

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    There is no point to extend this topic further. Deleting your articles was not a "punishment". It was the first step to protect TEC from any legal cases and loss of reputation. Your articles were deleted to protect TEC and not as an action against you even if resulted in loss of cash for you.

    The result of posting copied content is your exclusion from revenue share bonus. Please be original from future and you would sure reap the benefits from your work at TEC.

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    Instead of complaining, please understand that genuine efforts will give good rewards. Keep this in mind and work hard.

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