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    New Techulator- Post your views here!

    The sudden change in the look of Techulator might have shook every one. Isn't? What do you think about it, post your feedback here! and let us know.
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    The look of Techulator has been changed for the better. All important links have been placed in the blue menu bar for easy access. The name of the logged in member has been removed from the right side top corner. Instead, its place has been taken by the 'dashboard' link. There is some problem in the Forums Section. When we open any thread to respond, there is a lot of blank space appears before the actual message become visible. I have reported this to the webmasters. I hope this problem will be resolved soon.
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    Sukhdev Singh
    Lead Editor & Platinum Member at ISC

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    Thanks for sharing your feedback. Indeed your view regarding Forums section is right. The problem can be clearly seen when one navigates to that section using a mobile phone.

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    Most members had suggested that they were looking forward to a better UI in Techulator. Hope the members are glad with the new look of Techulator. There are a couple of defects and shortcomings, which will be fixed soon. Meanwhile, do let us know of any other defects you come across.

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    The new look gives the better change in Techulator. When I open my account I got Shocked to see the site has different look. At first I thought whether I opened any other site instead of Techulator. But after go through the entire change in site I was happy about this new change. As Sukhdev Ji said, In the forum section there is lot of space which I found before the question. And still in AES, when I submitting my answer the page gets Error. But when I go through new posts, my submission is visible. This issue is long back problem where most of the members facing. This should be look forward by the webmaster.

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    Last Day I watched that the outlook of Techlator is totally changed . It look like a new version . but I saw that some tabs of this version is working properly .For example windows 8,HTML 5 Tutorial etc.

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    The new look is sure a plus thing for Techulator.

    The previous standard look of all Spider sites has become quite monotonous. The new design has breathed in fresh air.

    Namita Terse

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    Really, the new look of techulator is gorgeous. I think that it is a very good work done by our techulator webmaster or admin. Now, the techulator like users friendly. When I visit the techulator, I get amazed to see the new look of the website. Now, when I login to techulator, then looks like new and change for the members. It encourages to contribute more valuable contents to techulator. I think that many of the members of techulator get bored from the old look of the techulator. This look of techulator works well on every mobile browsers.

    Amit Singh

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    Thank you for your feedback and suggestions. I hope that Webmasters will pay heed upon every suggestion provided by the valuable members.

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