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    Some English language errors committed by members in Ask Expert Questions

    While reviewing the Ask Expert questions, I have observed some general errors which have been committed by the members while typing their questions for Ask Expert Section, which can be avoided by giving a little attention while typing the questions:

    (1) The pronoun 'i' should always be typed as capital 'I'.
    (2) SMS type of language like 'ur' for 'your' should not be used.
    (3) Certain abbreviations like pc, ram, gb, mb etc. should be written in capital letters.
    (4) The word 'windows' when it relates to the OS should be typed with 'W' as capital letter.
    (5) The first letter of a sentence should start with a capital letter.
    (6) The space bar of your keyboard should be pressed after each punctuation symbol.
    (7) Unnecessary punctuation symbols like typing several dots or question marks should be avoided.
    (8) The personal information like your name, phone number, email id should not be given at the end of the question.
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    Thanks Sir for notifying the errors and giving guidance about silly mistakes which shouldn't happen while writing anything Ask Experts, Forum, Resource and in any section. Members who've gone through such SMS like writings in their content must avoid in this site. Thanks!
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    Hi Sir,
    Thank you for providing basic mistakes what most of the members do in common. It was more helpful to know in this thread. I hope as like me all other members also get benefited by reading this thread.


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    Very detailed and good information. All members need to follow the above guidelines in all sections of Techulator.

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    Hello Sukhdev Sir,

    I would suggest to every member to type questions in the new MS Word document where the mistakes can be corrected in no time. After typing the questions in word document, just press the key F7 and the errors will be highlighted. So in this way the errors can be removed easily and this method allows the user to create error free text content.

    The simple trick to create error free text is to keep it as simple as possible. At times error in complicated sentences is such that the whole sentence has to be reconstructed. Therefore, using MS Word is the best practice as the errors are shown to the users. If this practice is followed regularly then it is seen that the user creates a content that is free from error. I follow this method and at times I do no any correction with the input content as it is free from error.

    Have a nice day.

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    Thank you Sukhdev Sir for suggestion .I always try to post error free contain .It may be mistake in grammatical error, but not mistakes in spelling. Also thanks to Pravin to advice about use of F7 for grammar and spelling checking in MS-Word.

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    Though it is instructed several times, some members tend to do grammatical mistakes. What should we do if we notice some of such errors? I am asking this specifically because few days back I had noticed one such question.

    First I posted response to a thread which talked about the particular question. But found no change in the question. Then I replied that Ask expert question pointing out the mistake. But my reply was deleted.

    Please see the this thread

    Or is it that suggestions are counted only from senior members? and other suggestions are deleted?

    Namita Terse

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