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    I need advice for answering an Ask Expert question.

    We usually answer questions asked in Ask Experts Section by doing a great deal of search from websites and other sources. Suppose, I have already answered a question which has been approved, but later I find a better answer than that. For example I answered a question How to use the group play feature of Samsung Galaxy S4. My answer was based on the theoretical knowledge, which I gained from the official website of Samsung and some other websites.

    Later, I received my personal Samsung Galaxy S4 and I can now provide a better answer from the practical use of my phone with regard to the 'Group play'feature of this phone.

    My doubt is whether I can give a subsequent answer to my already given response. There is only one response to that question. Or I have to edit the approved response already given by me which has been awarded certain points and cash credits. If so, how this edited response will be treated? Will it be treated like a new submission as in the case of articles? Kindly clarify on the subject, so that I can supplement my answer from my personal experience of use of 'Group Play' feature of Samsung Galaxy S4.
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    Sukhdev sir,
    I think there is no need of reediting your approved response and then engulfing it will more information. You can participate 2nd time in the same question. Make sure that you highlight some clues for that new information and experience; just like "Updated" or, you can start your next response with "Here is the new info regarding ..." or "After I got my hands on the smartphone, I found some cool ...". Hope that this will help you!

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    If the content of the answer that you would like to post, is unique compared to the existing answer, you can post the response as a subsequent answer. However if you think that it is an addition/fine tuning of the existing answer, you can edit the existing answer. It will be treated as a new submission.

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    I think that maximum members have no any idea about Samsung Galaxy S4. In this reason they are not interest r5esponse in your thread question " how to use Group play in Samsung Galaxy S4.

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    Thanks, everyone for the advice. The new response is unique since I practically went through the screens to reach the final stage where I could execute 'Google Play' feature of Samsung Galaxy S4. I will now post it as subsequent answer as advised by Ashley and Fazal.
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    Hi All member

    Thanks for giving new and latest suggestion about Ask Expert section. I don't know before about these tips and roles. In the future I will follow them.

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