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    Article moved to pending status

    One of my article moved to pending status due to the following reasons.
    1. Check and correct spellings.
    2. Delete the words '' in the internal links.
    3. Use html tags for bullets.
    I already cleared the first and second reason. But I dont know how to deal with the third. Please help me.
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    The bullet points should be mentioned using the html tag "LI" within <>. If you want it to be numbered points, use the html tag "OL" within <> outside the "LI" tags.

    When you raise any issue, please submit the article URL, so that we can take a look at it.

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    I have sent a PM to you explaining the use of bullet and number html tags.
    At the start of a paragraph which may consist of one or two sentences, type OL within the symbols < > followed by LI similarly enclosed within < >. At the end of the paragraph close the tag by typing LI within the same symbols, but also use a forward slash '/' after tying the symbol <. Finally at the end of all the paragraphs, close the tag with LI as usual followed by another closing tag typing OL within the same symbols as you did with closing of LI tag. When you want to give the bullets, just replace OL with UL. The rest of the procedure is the same.

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    Hi Member
    If your articles in pending then check Personal message box where the mistake will be mention by the webmaster or resource editors. Kindly one think always keep in mind. please follow the Instruction and then post your articles. all copies content will be reject and poor English also will be in pending.

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