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    Can't understand what the editor means

    Recently I submitted an article and it got pending. The message from the editor is as given below:

    Comments from Editors: 1. Comments from Editors: 1. Check spellings 2. Use html paragraph headings 3. Remove bold html tags 4. Delete "" in internal links.

    After that I resubmitted the article by correcting few spellings and removed bold html tags. I am not sure about html paragraph heading, but still I corrected by adding

    to each paragraph and closing it at the end. When I resubmitted I got yet another response from the editor: Article once again resubmitted without corrections

    I am not sure what the 4th comment means, I didn't add any kind of interlinks apart from inserting a few images. Kindly response if you know what it really means.

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    It is approved now.

    Probably the editor mistook your h4 tags as bold tags and the image HTML links are internal links

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    Thank you very much for the approval sir.
    Abdul Rahman

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    One of my article also moved to pending status and provided the 1st and 4th reasons.
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