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    How AdSense earnings from YouTube, Blogger etc are shown in AdSense reports now?

    Up to the earnings for March 2013, our Google earnings from YouTube, Blogger etc. were being shown in our AdSense performance reports after we logged into our Google Account under the Product heading as "Hosted AdSense for Contents". From April 1, 2013 Google has stopped showing our earnings from YouTube, Blogger etc. in our performance report.

    When we click on view full report, the instructions read like this "As of April 1, 2013, YouTube Hosted AdSense for Content" reporting will be managed by "YouTube Analytics". When we click on "Learn more" on this page, it takes us to the help page, which reads as follows"To see your YouTube payments: Sign in to your AdSense account. Select Payments on the left sidebar. Look for "Earnings - YouTube" in each month to see your YouTube earnings for that month. This will include YouTube AdSense earnings (formerly listed as "AdSense for Content host".

    When clicked on 'Payments' as directed above, I did n't find "Earnings - YouTube" for the month of April, whereas in YouTube Analytics page on www.YouTube my YouTube earning for April 2013 are shown as $53.33.

    As such, the total earnings from AdSense for content $57.67 + Adsense from YouTube $53.33 should be $110, which is not shown to be so, in the performance reports.

    Can someone who gets Adsense from YouTube or Blogger explain this?
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    Sukhdev sir,
    See your recent payments. There you will find "Earnings" written two times. When you click on "Details" it would show whether it is from blogs or YouTube.

    Blogger earnings are not being shown separately. They would still appear like before.

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    There was no problem up to the payment for the month of March 2013, when the earnings from both the Adsense for content (Techulator & ISC) were shown, and then there were earnings from Hosted AdSense for content (YouTube). Both combined together, crossed $100 and the payment for the month of March 2013 has already been received by me.

    The earnings for the month of April is shown as $57 for Techulator and ISC, but the AdSense earnings of $53 as shown in my YouTube Analytics has not been shown in Google AdSense account so far. AdSense help shows that these earnings will be shown in my AdSense account. Possibly, they might be taking some time to transfer the earnings to the reports, as it is still showing $0.

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    So The Earnings For YouTube Have Been Posted Today, But It's About Half The Amount Of What It's Supposed To Be. Best Part Is That There's No Way To Double Check Why It's So Much Less Money Because The Data Is Messed Up!!!

    If You Hate The New Reporting System, Let Google Know!

    Petitioning Google To Switch Back To The Old Earnings Report System For Youtube (In Adsense)!

    Please join this campaign:

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    When I checked up today, the total earning from for the month of April 2013 is shown as $57.80 both under the column for Total Earning as well as Estimated earning and the same amount is shown unpaid amount prior to May 1, 2013. On the other hand, the total earning from hosted Adsense for content is shown as $64.38 is shown only under the column for total earnings but under the column of Estimated earnings from this account, it is being shown as $0. This is all confusing under the new system of reporting. AS per the total earnings from both the accounts, my total unpaid earnings prior to May 1, should be $57.80+$64.38=$122.18, but it is being shown as $57.80 only. Is any other member facing the same problem? I have signed petition as suggested by the member above. Still 41 more members need to sign the petition.
    "Teaching is my passion & sharing of knowledge is my motto"

    Sukhdev Singh
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