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    Result of simple technology quiz- Winner!

    Dear members,

    As per the earlier announcement, I am here to reveal the name of the winner of simple technology quiz. But first of all, let me make you aware about the correct answers of the questions given by me.

    Questions with answers
    1) What is the full form of HTML and HTTP?
    Ans: HyperText Markup Language and HyperText Transfer Protocol

    2) How many bytes are there in a megabyte?
    Ans: 1048576

    3) Which command in the Windows is used to delete the files permanently without sending them to recycle bin?
    Ans: Shift + Del (Delete) buttons

    4) What is the extension of the MS word file?
    Ans: .doc or .docx

    5) A kind of of a program harmful to our PC is known as?
    Ans: Virus

    6) When was Windows 8 launched by the Microsoft globally?
    Ans: October 26, 2012

    7) What is the full form of RAM and ROM?
    Ans: Random Access Memory and Read Only Memory

    8) What is the full form of SMTP?
    Ans: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

    9) Who is the founder of techulator?
    Ans: Tony John

    10) Name at least two webmasters of techulator.
    Ans: Editor, Ashley, Tony, Hafeez

    Now it is time to announce the winner. Let me tell you that a total number of 5 members participated in the quiz.

    The winner of the simple technology quiz is Tech Junoon by scoring 10 out 0f 10.
    The winner gets a cool gift of earphones from me via the techulator gift shop.

    Other members have also done well but missed out by a point or two. So, hope to see you in next round winner list.
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    Congratulations to the winner of this simple technology quiz and I missed only one.

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    I convey my hearty congratulations to the winner of the simple technology quiz which I have missed to participate. It has been a very useful quiz to test the knowledge of terminology related to computers and allied subjects.
    "Teaching is my passion & sharing of knowledge is my motto"

    Sukhdev Singh
    Lead Editor & Platinum Member at ISC

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    Congratulation Mr Junoon . Finally you become the winner of contest simple technology quiz. Really it is your outstanding performance.

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    Hai Tech Junoon,
    Many many heartily congratulation for the winner of the Tech Contest. Keep it up with the good contribution and win more and more awards from Techulator.

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    Congrats Tech Junoon!! Continue the good work.

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    Thank you Syed for awarding me that cool gift of earphones. It was a very good knowledgeable quiz, looking forward to see more quiz/contests like this. Thank you everyone.
    "People says 143. I say 444 i.e. Love Your Life"

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