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    I am the Author of this article on Go

    Dear Sir i have not copied that article fro go article

    i am the author of that article Please read below that article...
    About the Author

    You can also check the links below which is linking back to my website

    I hope you will look into the matter

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    Dear member,
    You cannot post your article from your own website in the techulator even if you are the author of it. This is the violation of the copyright policies and techulator does not encourage such practices. So, kindly refrain from such activities and post those article in techulator which are not present on any other website or external sources not even in the techulator.

    "For quitters never win, for winners never quit"
    With regards
    Syed Musaddiq Andrabi
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    ok thanks

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    You are most welcome. I suggest you to take the help of forums whenever a question about techulator is raised in your mind. This will help you to work on the guidelines of the techulator policies.
    "For quitters never win, for winners never quit"
    With regards
    Syed Musaddiq Andrabi
    Tech lover

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    My Article is not review yet

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    How can i write article for more than 500 words if article is based on some short tutorial.

    If i write article on how to install android app or how i uninstall Android app than how that article can go for more than 500 words.

    Google will never index your page if you try to lengthy details to complete 500 words.

    If you want to explain any thing with the help of your article keep it short and sweet.

    If you have explain everything and now there is nothing more needed to write why 500 words.

    There are some of my articles on ezines, and others with more than 2000 words also and less than 300 words also.

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    In rare cases we would accept articles shorter than 500 words but that should be 1 in 10 and only if there is no additional information. If you can't write 500 worded articles at least please participate in Ask Experts where you can earn good cash too.

    Google prefers detailed articles and not short incomplete articles. Having detailed articles has its SEO advantage rather than short articles which will give an impression on incomplete details in an article.

    Also, you English seems to be poor. Please take care if you do write articles. Your sentence "If you have explain everything and now there is nothing more needed to write why 500 words." is completely wrong.

    Another suggestion, please don't write on how to install or uninstall apps if the app is available in Google Play store because in such a case there is no need of a tutorial and you won't get any traffic for such article.

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    When i try to post i got below mention message

    You have reached here for one of the following reasons:

    You have one or more posts waiting for you to edit and resubmit after correcting the mistakes. Please look for posts with the status 'Pending' and re submit them after carefully correcting all mistakes. If you resubmit without correcting mistakes, the post may be rejected.

    This is an automatic temporary restriction applicable only in this section. Your rights will be automatically restored after correct and resubmit the posts.

    Where and how i found pending post.

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    Please go to the resources section and you will see the link "My Resources" and that will show you the pending articles with a different color.

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