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    Story fun - write a creative story with given words

    Here's a unique fun activity for Techulator members. Write a story using the following words only once in your story:

    1. Your story should not be more than 400 words.
    2. Submit your story in this thread itself.
    3. The story must be in English only.
    4. Do not use any slang, inappropriate or SMS short words.
    5. Your story could be of any genre: thriller, comedy, romance, etc.

    Only one story per member is allowed.

    Last date to submit your story: May 3rd 2013.

    Virtual Gifts will be given as awards:
    1. Best story wins a pen drive
    2. One runners-up wins a mobile pouch.
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    Very innovative activity. Is there any reward for this fun activity.

    Thanks and Regards
    Darshan Singh

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    Shanthi and her friends chat on their lunch time at the college premises. Shanthi asked her friends, I feel always bored to hear the code from our college teachers as they only represent us with that and not by our names and being a representative of our class I asked them the reasons. They replied, it is easy to remember than the respective names. So we have to bear this for one more month as we are going to finish our studies here.

    At the same time I really feed bad about our departure from college as we are going to miss this life after and everything will be like machine operates through key.

    One of her friend intervened, Oh! you have gone to the finishing of college but we have our project training to go which is really a hectic task on our head. By the time lunch break is over and every one turned to their class room and busy doing with the planning of their project.

    The project in charge is giving tips and ideas on the improvisation of their projects and enquired about their places of project work and noted their topics and prepared a chart.

    In charge in turn asked the class representative to read on the chart to verify by the students and make a note of any corrections in it.

    On reading, every one found surprised about only one project idea is on live area which is really interested and then class disbursed with a note that everyone will meet after a month with the project report.

    After a month, every one returned to college and feel happy meeting friends and teachers and again the representative recalled her saying about teachers calling them not by names and said she understood the attachment of their teachers even they have not called them by names because in other places everyone is mechanized even they call them by names and thus knew the life of students is very good rather than the life as an employee elsewhere.

    All the students are discussed about the project and submitted their reports and everyone is interested to see the only one who has gone for live project and her turn comes and every body's eye is blossomed to see a 'Robot' which resembles exactly like their project in charge and calling every body's name with a green light flashed .


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    I will be awarding virtual gifts from our gift shop. I have added to to the announcement text.


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    It is a conversation among a wife and his busy husband.

    Wife: Oh! Shit! What a nasty department is this! Is it the right time to cut-off the light?
    Husband: Why are you angering on them? They're just doing their duties.
    Husband: And, what's happening to you; your make-up is almost over I think! ... … What are you doing there, is there anything wrong?
    Wife: I am searching my jeweler-box key… could you please get out of the laptop and help me in searching?
    Husband: Why every time, you seek my presence? Am I your robot or what? Can't you see I'm busy in writing the articles for ISC?
    Wife: Ok…Ok… it's enough… will you please shut up your mouth! I'm unable to remember its code now.
    Husband: Oh! You got your key! So! How many times I gave you training to remember that! You can remember new designs for your jewelry and party dates for the whole year… but unable to remember what A plus B's whole square is?
    Wife: Ok… Ok… I got it. It's A square plus B square plus 2AB. Thanks!
    (The electricity came)
    Husband: Thanks to whom? Me or the electric department!
    Wife: Obviously you, sweetheart!

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    Since there were only 2 entries, there is only 1 winning prize: Naresh Kumar wins the virtual gift of the pen drive. It as quite funny!

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    Thanks Vandana Mam' for choosing my creative writing for this award.
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    Congrats Naresh for your winning of creative story which narrates the modern life elsewhere in the world.

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    Congrats Mr Naresh kumar on the winning title of story fun. Really you have post a fun story in this contest. Best of luck for next contest.

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    Hi Members

    Congratulates on winning this contest. Keep sharing amazing stories with us.

    Never lie someone Who trust on you.
    Never Trust Someone who lies you.

    Regards & Thanks
    Aamir Khan

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    Once there was a robot. One day he saw a great light in the sky it was seemed like a spaceship is landing and when the light got brighter a voice of engine was produced it was very much loud. It was truly a spaceship the robot thinked that in this spaceship there might be my friends. So he thinked to open it but a key was required to open that. And he founds the key but a code was also required to open that spaceship. And when he opened the door than he found that there was many robots who was his friends. And at the last the robot told his friend that he has to do a lot of hardwork. At last the other robot told him that it was a training for you. And than they all enjoy a lot.

    Hope you will like my story.

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    The contest was over on May 3rd. Check this thread to get to know about the ongoing rewards on Techulator.

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