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    Some authors are apprehensive that article editing is slow

    Some of the authors of articles are apprehensive that the editors are slow in editing. In fact, such authors are themselves responsible for editing of their articles becoming slow. They do not use the spell checkers to check spelling. They do not revise their articles to correct errors which remain uncorrected. In fact, these errors remain there because the revision of the articles is not done sincerely. Sometimes the framing of sentences is such that it becomes difficult to make any head and tail of the meanings of the sentences. In an article of 500 words, if the authors commit about 20 errors, all cannot be put in the small box meant for the editor to write public remarks which will be be visible to the author, once the article is sent to pending list. Of course, editors can correct all the errors themselves. But, in that case, the authors will keep on committing the same errors again and again and can never improve their knowledge of English writing skills. The authors do not use proper html tags. They do not frame simple sentences. Instead, they frame complex and compound sentences, which result in errors. So, in stead of blaming slow editing, the authors are advised to co-operate with editors in making the editing fast.
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    Very well said Sukhdevji! All members need to understand, that the editors here are to help them and also help maintain the quality of the site.

    We value all the contributions of the members to the site.

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    I understand that all editors are helping member and webmaster to Improving the quality of website. they are performing their work very well. They can change title, summery on the basis of quality content.

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    Never Trust Someone who lies you.

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    Aamir Khan

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    Please pin this thread so that everyone will go through these great guidelines from Sukhdev Sir. This information is really necessary for everyone to get their articles approved on time and also for the improvement in their writing skills.
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    Thanks sukhdev sir for the information. I understand that editors will face problems in editing which are created by us. All the members of techulator need to review the articles again and again then submit their articles. Editors maintain the quality of the articles and guides us that helps to improve the english skills. I will try to submit to articles of good quality contents and also read the article again and again so that editors easily approve articles fast. I hope that all the members of techulator will understand.

    amit singh

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    Thanks, members for understanding the problems faced by the editors. There is no problem for us to completely re-write your articles. In fact, it is an easy job for the editors to do it. This, in stead, will save the time of the editors, since the pending articles will not appear before them again and again. If editors re-write the entire article themselves, then the authors will never come to know of their errors.

    @Amit Singh
    Your English writing skills are very poor. I approved one of your article after putting it in the pending list several times. But, the way you frame sentences gives a very bad impression on the reader. The approved article was sent once again to me by the webmaster for making about ten corrections. After this also, the errors still remain. Just count the number of times you have repeated the word 'but' in your article. The following is the url of the article:
    From this you can understand, how many errors you commit in your articles. From now onwards, I'll send a PM to you of your errors, when there are many in your article to solve this problem. I expect the other editors to do the same, since the space for 'Public Remarks' is very limited to accommodate quite a large number of errors.

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    Sukhdev Singh
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