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    Why my articles are taken so lightly? (Updated)

    It is again that I have came across writing another complaint regarding my articles. On 21 April, I contributed most towards the site and two articles among my quality submissions were credited with Rs 150 and 150 points each. Meanwhile, today I faced a deduction of Rs 50 and 50 points on each of them. Why editors satisfy contributors only for a while?

    This is not the end of this issue and my disappointment. Yesterday, I submitted an article regarding Top 5 Compact cameras from Canon. I was quite satisfied with my writing and I confidently made its submission. Indeed, the article is about 3000 words and contains every possible information regarding the cameras but... who thought it would be credited with only Rs 150 and 150 points and who then thought that those unfavored credits would be further deducted to Rs 100 and 100 points only. Why?

    Yet I have put this thread in "Complaints" category, I request the editors/webmasters to inquire deep in this issue once again and let my hard work be credited like what that deserve!


    1. Tony sir, thank you for providing me a hint. I have implemented the same on that article and I was handsomely credited.
    2. Editor, thanks for clarifying some clouded doubts.
    3. Sukhdev sir, thank you for expressing your view and a descriptive notice.
    4. Ashley mam, thank you for suggesting a better idea. I will soon be in touch with that section. Also, thank you for locking the thread. Every thing finished with happy ending.
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    First of all, Rs.150 is max one can get for any article.

    Second, there have been some mistakes by the newly appointed editor team in past which was recently recognised. It was just a clean up drive which affected most of TEC members. However, we are trying to ignore those mistakes and are changing the points and cash of only a few of them.

    I assure you that you won't face any such issues with your articles approved henceforth.

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    If Rs 150 is the maximum cash limit one can get, then what about the articles mentioned below:

    I think the above mentioned articles doesn't satisfy the faculty. There are many more articles which have been credited with more than Rs 150 and 150 points. Please! do ensure a mere justice for my articles, worth being quality ones.

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    My apologies for the confusion created by changing the cash credits. I can understand the disappointment when the cash credits are suddenly decreased. It has always been our policy that we will not reduce the rewards after awarding it but some major errors happened in last few days, as explained by Ankit above.

    On a side note, you and Techulator may not get any significant advantages by writing extremely long articles. Instead of writing a 3000 word article, you could split that in to 2 or 3 articles to get the best benefit out of it, if it makes sense to split. About 1000-1500 words are ideal for good articles.

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    Tony sir,
    What to do now? My interest to contribute more is stepping down the ladder. Isn't there a way/chance to get my hard work rewarded handsomely? I have spent many hours in writing such quality ones! Suggest!

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    This criteria was not used for you alone. Even my article's cash and cc were reduced from Rs.150 to Rs.80. There were general instructions passed to the editors to review the lengthy articles submitted recently during the last 2-3 days. So, you don't think that this treatment is meted to you as an ordinary member. In this respect, the editors are also treated like any other member. Anyhow, the matter is now clarified by the webmasters. We shall follow their instructions in future.
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    Sukhdev Singh
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    Hello fazl, You should not get sad because you are not alone whose cash credits and points are reduced by editors. There are many members whose points and cash credits are reduced. You should know that there are some new editors who are in training phase. After that the webmasters and editors review the article again. Our webmaster tony sir has already clarified the issue that there may be some changes in cash credits and points in articles section because of the new trained editors.

    With regards
    Amit Singh

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    You can choose topics from our resource topics section for valuable topics for the site. This will help you get more points and rewards. Also participate in our contests, which give good points and cash.

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