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    Doubts about resource rejection

    Clarify briefly the reasons of reject my articles.
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    Which article? Please provide the url of the articles you are referring to.

    Also, please check if there are any messages written in the rejected articles. In most cases, we provide the reason in the article page itself. You must be logged in to see the reason.

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    Most of your articles have been rejected due to extremely poor English. Your articles look like spun articles rather than self written.

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    Whenever an article is rejected, the reasons for rejection will usually be given by the editors. You have to give the url of the article to know which article you are talking about to check up whether the reasons are given or not. The articles are usually rejected because of the low quality of the article. The members are given ample opportunity to make corrections in their articles if the articles are thought worthy of approval after corrections. In case, some members do not follow the advice of the editors, the articles are liable to be rejected.
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    Hello chetrapal, It is right that when editors delete or reject our articles then also provide the message with the reason that why the article is deleted or rejected in a small box. If you are seeing you article without log in then first you need to log in then see that why your article is deleted or rejected because then you see the actual reason of deleting the resource. When you ask any thing about specific post then always post the URL also in the thread as it helps the editors and webmasters that for whom article you are referring.

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    Very-2 thank you to Tony John Sir, Shukhdev Singh Sir and others to give
    answer of my queries. The URL of my rejected articles-
    Nokia handset insurance in India
    What is TCP/IP protocol in networking
    Features of Sony Xperia z

    please give guide lines to improve.

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    Chetrapal, we can not see your articles as they were rejected by system. But I think suggestion from editors is always for improving yourself. So please try to improve your writing skills and get some knowledge about grammar and sentence structure in English.
    Sachin R. Kukale

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    Dear Chetrapal Singh,
    I know and can understand how it hurts when an article is rejected by the editors. The probable reason for rejection may be copied contents or improper English or content delivered nebulously. Actually it happens for a beginner; don't be crest fallen, take it positively, rectify your mistakes, learn from every possible corner and come back with your refined articles. Never think that you wasted your time in writing these articles, instead understand and appreciate that you found your mistakes so early in these hours.

    Ganesh Babu.S

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    Hello chetrapal singh

    First of all welcome in Techulator. Please put the link of the articles which you have confusion. Webmaster will give you reason about articles rejection. There are many reason for rejection of the article, first thing is If you copy any line from any other source then your article will reject, second thing if you write low quality content then your article will reject. So before posting your article make sure you are sharing high quality content..

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    Thank you Zanib Kahtoon for suggestion. I have given link of my rejected articles.

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    Hi Chetra
    Techulator has own rules and regulation for approve and reject any articles . Next time when you will post any articles in Techulators , try to follow the rules and regulation under Techulators agreement . Best of luck for next articles.

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