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    Editors changing title and adding links: is this right?

    This is with reference to my article: How to apply for Nokia handset insurance plans in India.

    My objections to what the editor has done are as follows:
    1. A question mark was needlessly added at the end of the title. In a title, it is not at all necessary to add a question mark.

    2. In the text of my article, 8 links have been added. Why?
    I do not think it is correct to: (a) put in so many links (b) put in links to other pages which are not even my posts & thereby change my article.

    Furthermore: (i) one of the links is not even correct and (ii) it was nowhere mentioned in the contest announcement that we should give links to any internal pages.

    Please clarify why editors are being allowed to do this as nowhere at any other site (ISC or any partner site) have I seen this happening. I have a great respect for editorial work but I just do not think it is right for an editor to change an article except perhaps to make small changes such as a typo error or close a tag which was mistakenly open.
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    Techulator management is quite different from other sister sites. The Editors are TEC are highly paid and are required to do many extra tasks a few of which are editing the title, summary, description as well as adding links in the article.

    Internal links are extremely useful in terms of SEO. TEC is not a personal blog, it is a site where authors are paid and therefore the admins of the site have the authority to do changes in the articles as they see fit. It can be putting internal links, putting affiliate links or adding content to the article.

    The question mark is removed from the title and the link is now corrected.

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    Thanks for the quick response.

    I would like the Webmasters to clarify this a little more clearly:
    You are stating that internal links are useful for SEO and editors have the authority to add links. However, in that case should it not be done with all articles. I randomly checked 3 articles and nowhere do I see any inter-links:

    If my article is being used to promote articles of other members, then how come a link to any of my articles is absent from the articles of other members? If the point of inter-linking is to get traffic, then it should be done equally for all members & for each & every article. Why single out only a few?

    I have also not seen as many as 8 links in an article. Won't it be considered as spamming?


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    Not all Editors are adding links to articles they are editing. If you see old articles, you would find most of them having internal links.

    Here is another recent article which has a lot of internal links.

    The articles which for now don't have internal links would be later edited to have internal links.

    8 or even more links would not be considered spamming. At ISC, WMs discourage a lot of internal links due to the fear of improper linking, that is linking to unrelated articles. But as TEC is already a niche site, the worry about unrelated linking is less.
    You should think how Wikipedia has lot of internal links, due you think that had it been spamming it would have ranked in top results? Links is what makes the WWW, it should just be useful and not for some unethical purposes.

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    Thank you for the detailed clarification.

    This thread can be locked now.


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