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    Editors/webmasters please help again - Answers are awarded with low points

    Dear editors and webmasters,

    I am hereby to clarify the issue about the awarded points and cash for the answers of ask experts section. I have submitted few answers today but all the answers are awarded with low points and no cash. Editors and webmasters you are requested to help me because I have written detailed answers for the question. Please give me some reason and clarify the issue.

    With regards
    Amit Singh
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    The cash credits and points for answers are not given simply on the basis of the length of the answers. The cash credits and points are based on the guidelines given to editors for awarding points and answers. The quality and the relevance of the answers is very important.
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    Sukhdev Singh
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    I agree with Sukhdev sir. Quality answers are awarded with more points and cash credit. And also, to the point ones. So try to write to the point and don't make the responses boring for only to make cash.

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    Hello Amit Singh

    first of all thank for posting this question in the forum section. Please make a clear in your mind that If your post quality answer then you will be award good cash rewards and points. So first of all make good quality content in the ask expert section.

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    Regards & Thanks
    Aamir Khan

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    When you discuss about any posts, always give the URLs to make it easy for us to investigate which post you are referring to.,

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    Thanks members and webmasters for you response, the urls of my answer are the following -



    With Regards
    Amit Singh

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