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    I am a new member on this site.

    I am a new member on this site. my name is Ekta Raikwar. I am a student of 12th class. I belong from Damod in Damoh district in Madhya Pradsh. I have joined this site now I want to know the following things:
    (1) After joining this site What should I do in this site to earn revenue?
    (2) Which type of article this site want to post in it?
    (3) What are the section in which I can earn revenue?
    (4) What is the member level and how does is raise up/
    (5) What are the benefit of joining this site?
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    Dear Ekta,
    Welcome to techulator. This is an online technology portal where you can earn as well as earn. Here are the answers to your questions:

    (1) After joining this site What should I do in this site to earn revenue?

    This site is all about the latest technology. So, you can earn here by contributing quality articles in the resources section, questions/answers in the ask experts and participating in the contests through forums any much more.
    (2) Which type of article this site want to post in it?

    You can post any article related to modern technology like the new smartphones, devices, blogging, etc.

    (3) What are the section in which I can earn revenue?

    Resource section is the heart of techulator where you can earn upto 150 INR and 150 points per article depending on its quality and length. Ask experts section also fetches you a goo revenue by responding to the queries of the members. Forums section is also effective to earn points as well as some cash for good posts.

    (4) What is the member level and how does is raise up?

    Go through the membership levels to know more about them. You can raise up your member level and rank by getting more and more points.

    (5) What are the benefit of joining this site?

    This website serves you as a great online part time income source. You can generate a good amount of money to fulfill your extra desires. So, be an active member and see the resluts.

    "For quitters never win, for winners never quit"
    With regards
    Syed Musaddiq Andrabi
    Tech lover

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    I am very grateful to you sir for giving me such valuable information about this site. I have learnt that this website welcomes to new technology.
    Thanks for kindly support.

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    Welcome Ekta to this great website where you can learn as well as earn simultaneously. You can post self written articles on various technology related topics. You can earn by posting articles and gaining points by posts in ask expert section and forum section. If you find any difficulty in this site then feel free for posting that in forum section. Someone will definitely help you. Try to be in the list of top 15 members of the month in terms of total points to get the revenue share for the month. Hope your journey in this site take you to the top members. You can also earn extra money by posting articles which are related to the resource contest. You can participate in the resource contest by writing the resource on the topic which is given by the webmaster. Please make sure before posting any content in this site that the content is purely original and is created by you and is not copied from anywhere.

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    Dear Ekta Raikwar,

    Warm welcome in Techulator, is a big knowledge base about technology. Here you can share your technical knowledge with us by writing articles, answers etc. Wish you all the best for great start.

    with best regards

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    Hi Ekta,
    My warm welcome to you for joining in the Techulator. It is good to have a new member like you in Techulator. Techulator is one of the knowledge sharing sites. This is not only a site for learning and earning, also for knowing the world in different ways. Our site was one of the leading site which has many sister sites working with it. Here you need to follow strictly the guidelines. Participate in all the sections. First of all introduce all about yourself in a single thread. Participate in Forum section, Article section and Ask Expert Sections. These are the most import sections in Techulator. By seeing your performance webmaster will allow you to perform in other sections. There are lots of contests in Techulator. You could participate in all the sections and you start to earn from here. Keep on reaching membership levels over here. You could get lots of awards from here. If you post an article which is good in quality with proper grammatical sentences, then your article will be approved within the day of you post. Otherwise it will keep on pending. If any correction needed, editor will keep your article in pending with mentioning what is required from you. Feel free to share your thoughts over here. Here all the members, editors and our webmaster are ready to help you for your growth.

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    Hi Ekta Raikwar, we offer our warm welcome to you to join Techulator. Even though you are class 12th student, you can learn a lot about technical subjects and enhance your knowledge at this web site. When we join any organisation, we should first know its system of working and the rules and regulation of the organisation that we have to follow. You can do it by reading help topics of this website. I would advise you to spend a few days at the Forums Section. Read all those threads on the first page which are marked with red pins. These threads will make you conversant with certain policy guidelines. Since all cash awards and contests are announced through the Forums Section, you will know all about them. Any new announcement will also be made through this section. Most of your earnings at India Study Channel are from Question Papers, but you have to adopt a different strategy here for earning revenue. Regarding earning cash credits, I would advise you to read the following link:
    Ongoing awards at
    The articles you post here should belong to technology subjects. Articles Section and the Ask Experts Sections are the best for earning
    revenue. Member levels automatically rise when you gain more points. Cross 100 you will become silver and cross 500 to become Gold and so on. The benefits of joining this website are that you will learn while you earn.

    "Teaching is my passion & sharing of knowledge is my motto"

    Sukhdev Singh
    Lead Editor & Platinum Member at ISC

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