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    New member,need help

    I got to know about this site from one of my friend and i felt very interesting about it.i joined this site to increase my writing skills and of course to earn some decent money.can anyone help me get to know about this site?and specially when does an article gets accepted by the admin(i mean how many days it takes to get approved).

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    We send our warm welcome to you, Prithvi for joining Techulator. For the first few days go through the Forums in order to know how the members interact among themselves and with the Techulator administration. Read all the important thread marked with red pin to know several rules and regulations required to be followed at Techulator. Learn all about the awards schemes by reading "Invitation to Joint Techulator Core Team". This link is prominent at the top centre of the home page of Techulator. Ask Experts and Articles sections are two very important sections to earn cash credits and points at this website. Take permission to access Ask Experts Section, if not granted already, by posting your request in the following thread:

    The approval of good quality articles is usually done within a day or two. Read about the policy about approval of low quality articles may take more time.

    "Teaching is my passion & sharing of knowledge is my motto"

    Sukhdev Singh
    Lead Editor & Platinum Member at ISC

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    Dear Prithvi,
    Welcome to techulator. First of all I suggest you to leave a space after every punctuation mark and then use the first alphabet in uppercase (capital) except the commas. If you need some help, you can refer to the help topics in techulator. And for your information, the time taken to get your article reviewed and approved depends wholly on the quality of the article as well as the member status of the author whether he is posting good, error free and traffic generating articles or not. Generally it takes 2-3 days to get the articles reviewed and the quality ones are approved just within 24 hours. So, start your quality contributions right now in the resources, forums and experts section to get a handsome income from this website.

    "For quitters never win, for winners never quit"
    With regards
    Syed Musaddiq Andrabi
    Tech lover

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    first of all thankyou sukhdev singh sir for responding to my question.i will definitely follow your guidelines.

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    Thankyou syed musaddiq nabi andrabi for your reply. As per your suggestion i will definitely try to use uppercase words in my future posts and questions. Thankyou for pointing out mistakes

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    Since you mentioned one of the purpose of joining this site is to improve your writing skills, let me give a few suggestion based on what you have written above.

    - You should always start a sentence with capital letter
    - You should always write the word "I" (the word that represent "self") in capital letter.
    - You should always write the first letter of any name in capital letter.

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    Welcome Prithvi to this great website where you can learn as well as earn simultaneously. You can post self written articles on various technology related topics. You can earn by posting articles and gaining points by posts in ask expert section and forum section. If you find any difficulty in this site then feel free for posting that in forum section. Someone will definitely help you. Try to be in the list of top 15 members of the month in terms of total points to get the revenue share for the month. Hope your journey in this site take you to the top members. You can also earn extra money by posting articles which are related to the resource contest. You can participate in the resource contest by writing the resource on the topic which is given by the webmaster. Please make sure before posting any content in this site that the content is purely original and is created by you and is not copied from anywhere.

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    Thankyou Tony John sir for replying to my post and also thankyou for correcting my mistakes.i will definitely follow your suggestions.

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    Thankyou Rajneesh for giving such valuable information.

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    A very warm welcome to you Prithvi. The only thing you need to do is go through Forum and see some of the nice articles of Authors and editors . It will give you a brief idea on how to improve your writing skills so as to earn more. Lastly, Tony Sir is always there to help anyone. You can contact him directly or if any problem you can message me too. I will be more than happy to help you.

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    Dear Prithvi,
    You have recently posted an article which has been moved to pending section due to poor writing skill. Please follow the instructions by Tony sir in the resource section also. Also, correct the mistakes in that article and resubmit it to get a better response from the editors.

    "For quitters never win, for winners never quit"
    With regards
    Syed Musaddiq Andrabi
    Tech lover

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    Thankyou Ranjan for your support.

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    Ya syed I know I'm still beginner. I will definitely follow Tony sir response. And ya I'm trying to edit it.

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    Hello Prithvi,
    I was going through your article and found you need to work on your writing skills a bit. Follow help and learn basic HTML. I hope this will help you write good quality articles in here.


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    Hi Prithvi,
    My warm welcome to you for joining in the Techulator. This is not only a site for learning and earning, also for knowing the world in different ways. Our site was one of the leading site which has many sister sites working with it. Here you need to follow strictly the guidelines. If you post an article which is good in quality with proper grammatical sentences, then your article will be approved within the day of you post. Otherwise it will keep on pending. If any correction needed, editor will keep your article in pending with mentioning what is required from you. Feel free to share your thoughts over here. All the members and editors are friendly and ready to help you in all the cases. Our webmaster will help you in all the cases. If there is any suggestion or help, contact personally to him. Once again I am happy to welcome you in our Techulator.

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