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    Why apple still remains amongst the top operating systems

    Why a few people still choose iOS over android and ubuntu.
    The reason is the ease of use. I recently gifted my paernts an ipad and a nexus 7. They told me that they aren't comfortable with android OS. Younger generation like complicated stuff because it feels more techie. Although it isn't the same for older people. They want to use technology at the same time want it to be easy to use. That's exactly what apple iOS is all about.
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    You may be right in the case of older people who like technology but it should be simple and easy for them to work with. As far as the share of android based phones in India it is the Samsung which is much ahead in India in the sale of its android based phones. The market share in India of Samsung which makes use of Android OS is over 40 per cent whereas it is below 10 per cent for Apple which uses the iOS operating system for its phones.
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    Of course, Apple products are released in the market with ever improvised versions which make the use of these products easier and simpler. Moreover, the brand Apple itself sounds good and gives some weightage to the products. In addition, the products are quite fine to look at with the sleek models.
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    I think apple is that much famous because of its high reputation. Since apple has arrived in the market, it was the only company which offered various usefull applications like iTunes. Apple provided lots of usefull, entertaining and funny apps through there app store. And this put apple on the top. Elegence in their gadgets is also helping it to remain on the top. Today apple has tons of apps on there store which lets you do various things on your iPhone or iPad.
    As compared to iOS, android is new in the market. Still it has became really famous in a short period of time. Android has became that much powerfull that it can give a tough fight to iOS.

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    Yes, are right, older people are feeling ease with android OS, and they are also feeling that they are using mobiles equivalent to younger generation. Most of the people are also thinking about the cost, as Samsung provides android mobile at a reasonable rates, where apple rates are some what high for middle class people in India.

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    People choose iOs over ubuntu , linux and windows because of its simplicity and its app environment. Apple's iOS is much simpler n easy to operate and adding to that Apple has creted a large app ecosystem for all its devices running iOS. For example you can check the number of apps available for Apple iPhones in Apple's market place n the simpler and fluid graphic ui of iOS. iOS is simpler and mightier os compared to all other os. The devices running iOs are awesomely built and shouts premiumness.

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