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    Can I associate my ISC adsense account with techulator?

    In ISC recently my adsense account has been approved from google. Sir I want to know that whether I can associate my adsense account with techulator . I am new here so criteria of techulator not fulfilled by me. What should I do can I associate or not. Also I read that dotnet and techulator user same API software so it is necessary to associate account with dotnet please clarify my doubts. Thank you.
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    Sukhdev Singh
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    Thank you sir you are really great always take initiative to solve my problems.

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    The spelling of associate is wrong in the title of your question, 'e' is missing. And here below is my response.
    Is it really necessary to become a gold level member to associate our Adsense account with techulator?
    As per the information gained by me, If we have an adsense account approved before 2013 then we can associate it immediately. The same thing is done by me and I have been earning without being a gold member. I don't know exactly ( though I know partially ) about associating adsense of people who got approval recently with Techulator. And I am willing to know about this issue. Could anyone let me know clearly? So that I can also help others when I face this type of question.

    M Suman Kumar

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    I think only webmaster could clarify this issue correctly. So I think we have to wait for repected webmaster's reply. Aslo Sukhdev sir is one of the experienced member here so we should obey his direction that is very much beneficial for us.

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    As you know I recently got my adsense account approved also and without being a gold member here, I associated my adsense account with techulator and immediately got approved. But as per the information given by webmaster on one of my posts relevant to this thread, I will not get any revenue through this site for my adsense as I have got my adsense account approved after 2012. This is the correct information as given by the webmaster.

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    Syed thanks for the information. I can not understand that which revenue we will not get from the site. You say adsense revenue what this means. Then how we earn through adsense account?

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    @ kamal kishore: I was just reading your question and found that one spelling in your question is wrong and that is "associat", so please edit your question and write correct spelling "associate".
    Now to your doubt regarding adsense,
    As per my information we can associate our adsense account with Techulator. Recently my Google Adsense account got approved through ISC and I have associated that accounted in Techulator.
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    Your can associate your Adsense account right away without reaching Gold level.

    However, for those who have got their accounts from ISC or other revenue sharing sites this year, you won't be able to earn Adsense revenue from Techulator because Tehulator is not a recognized Adsense revenue sharing site. Tony is trying to solve this problem but the present scenario is that such limited Adsense account holders won't be able to earn Adsense from Techulator.

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    Thank you for clarifying the doubt of all members regarding this adsense concern, with a comprehensive response. Now I got some idea on this problem. Hopefully, this issue should be cleared soon.

    M Suman Kumar

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    Kamal Kishore,

    I knew that at India Study Channel, anyone who had an approved Google AdSense account from other sites could immediately get it immediately associated with that site. However, when I enquired from this website, I was given a wrong answer. Still when I tried to associate my account here, I got a message that you need to be a Gold level member.

    Now I got a PM from editor not to give wrong answer. There is no question of my giving a wrong answer because I am also facing the same problem with an AdSense account which is two years old at India Study Channel. Kamal, kindly inform if you have got you were able to apply for Google Adsense or not, so that I can also follow the same procedure.

    @ Webmaster,

    You have stated that those who have got their accounts from ISC or other revenue sharing sites this year, what about me who has an AdSense account which is two years old.

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    Sukhdev Singh
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    First of all make a correction in that above statement and write your associate word.
    According to the thread yes If you got the Adsense account from Jan 2013 then you can also Associate your account in techualtor.But If does not get then you cant use here if you got approval form ISC.
    For more information please keep continue your work.

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    Yes you can associate your google adsense account with techulator. If you are having an existing adsense account then you can associate it but if you are not having an existing account then you need to fulfill some conditions.

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