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    Members Please Help - Question relating to Memory Space of Laptop

    Respected members,

    Since I need a very quick urgent response and help from you all, therefore I am posting this on Forum instead of going to Ask Experts.

    My urgent question- Actually I have seen that my disc drive is continuously losing out space and memory, even though I really don't download anything. Actually the matter of fact is, even though I download anything (basically downloading only photos for articles), I delete that particular thing straight away from my PC.

    Now my question arises, does Recycle Bin itself is eating the space of my computer disc drive. My [Local Disc C:] has been affected tremendously as I am losing out memory continuously and now I have been left with only 4.2 GB to play with out of 250 GB. I really don't see anything taking space, contrary to the fact if I go on to calculate the memory space I have used, then it might not be even 200 GB out of 250 GBs.

    Please help members.
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    I would advise you to empty your recycle bin regularly. Also, you can check the usage frequency of several softwares installed on your PC and delete the ones that are accessed very rarely (or never). Also, try to make sure that you have your hard disk partitioned with more space assigned to drive D instead of C. This will also improve the performance of your system.

    In addition to this, keep deleting the files in "temp" folder of C drive.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla

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    Hi Sashwato,
    Try to do one thing over here.
    1. Go to START menu
    2. Select All Programs
    3. Then find Accessories
    4. Then select System Tools
    5. There you will find Disk Cleanup.

    When you click that link it will check for the space which your system can make free. All the unwanted files, temperory files, etc will be calculated and display the memory which you could get. There click option clean files. Then automatically system will detele everything and provide you more space. Doing that will be secure to the system.

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    Sashwato Chatterjee
    I think you does not delete the content from recycle bin. To delete permenently from pc hold shift and delete. If you are still facing problem try to seach %temp% on the search menu and a list of files will be seen in a new tab delete all those files and that will free your memory. If you still facing problem it would be the hard disk problem.

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    Bhakti Savla, Bharath and Rihan,

    Thank you for your apt response. Actually does "Disc Cleanup" helps in restoring some memory? Or else what does "Format Disc" does when option is used. Members please let me know which one is appropriate.

    And I believe while choosing any option, my important files or info will also delete? What does deleting temporary files does? Will it delete important files too?

    Thanks and Regards,

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    Please delete the contents of recycle bin by pressing "shift+delete" or simply go to recycle bin and click the option "empty the recycle bin". It will definitely remove some space of the memory. Even then if there is no space then you press "win+r" and in that tab type "%temp%" and a temp named folder will appear. You go to that folder and delete all the files from that folder. Then you can perform disk cleanup by following the steps given in this link. Please read the answer posted by me. There are the steps given to perform the disk cleanup. Even if the space is not removed then there must be some virus in your computer. Just scan your computer and clean the threats. Even if there is some problem then format your computer.

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