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    I just posed a question in Ask Experts section and!

    I just posed a question in Ask Experts section and it is available nowhere. Please tell me does it needs to be reviewed by the editors first and then it will be visible on the website or it is a technical problem prevailing!

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    I hope it needs to be moderated by the Ask Experts Editor, before you tend to see it in the approved list of questions. Also I see, there is no restriction or so ever in posting questions in Ask Experts. So you can post good questions with nice descriptions till such time.
    Lakshmi Satish Kumar,

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    @Lakshmi S,
    Thank you for the advise!

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    Hi Lakshmi Mam,
    You had been said, there was no restriction is Ask Expert section to post the thread. But i find there was restriction in responding answer in the Ask Expert section. Is it possible to create a thread instead of responding to the thread even in restriction.

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    Hi Bharath,

    Please refer to this thread wherein I have requested clarifications about this from our Webmaster.

    The clarifications are yet awaited. Hope the clarifications may answer your queries.

    Lakshmi Satish Kumar,

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    I think there is a bug in the Ask Experts section.. few members have reported in the past that a question does not really get saved after submitting. I tried to figure out but could not find anything wrong yet. I will continue looking in to this.

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    @Tony John,
    Thank you for responding with a real cause. Hope for its fixing soon!

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    When you made some thread in ask expert section then ti need few time for approval. The approval only gives by the webmaster.

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    Yes dear member. Whenever you post any question in ask expert section it is first reviewed by one of our editors then only it is displayed in the ask expert section. There is no technical problem.

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    @ Muntasir Andrabi: I got one mistake in your heading and that is you have written "posed" instead of "posted". So, please edit it and correct it.
    Yes, questions in Ask Experts Section is first reviewed by editors before showing that question in the Ask Expert Section category. And as Tony Sir said that there is some problem in ask expert section and I hope it will be corrected soon.
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