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    Difficulty in connection with Google Chrome/Internet Explorer

    I find that though internet connection is there, connection fails with Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

    After sometime, it gets connected all by itself.

    Is there any way to rectify this to avoid waste of time and leave it to the fate till the connection is restored?

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    This might not be a problem with the web browser completely. I have been using Chrome from the past few months and have never faced any such issues. There might be any virus attack on your system that is making this happen. Please run a complete scan on your PC using the anti-virus that you have installed and check for viruses if any. If there are no virus attacks/threats found I suggest you uninstall and reinstall the web browser that you are facing problems with. This will definitely resolve you problem.


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    This is not a problem caused by web browsers. As Shivani told it may be due to virus or some malware.

    Sometimes this problems happens due to error at the service provider site. I would like to suggest you to contact your service provider.

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    Hi Sushila,

    this is a problem not of a browser but maybe a virus or internet problems. It would be advisable that you get your computer scanned from a good antivirus and check if there are any viruses, if you don't find any check your internet connection and contact your internet providers for the internet problem

    With Regards,
    Ankit Das

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    Hello Sushila Iyengar mam

    I think this problem is occurred by your internet service provider. Browser is not the problem.They are only the software.

    Its better to contact your broadband operator or service provider.

    Best of luck

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    Hello friends,

    Thank you very much for all your suggestions.

    I have noted them. Everyday, I run the virus scan whenever I start the P/C. So problem may not be with the browsers as Pamela said.

    I will speak to the Internet provider, who takes away all my money for this service.


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    Dear Pamela ,

    Check for your Firewall Settings, there is a Setting in firewall which Automatically Disconnect the Internet if you are not using it for some Time.

    If your firewall is having any Problem then try to reset it.

    Check for your DSL Modem , when your Internet Disconnects Automatically,you will have Lights Blinking in your modem such as
    Power,DSL,Internet,in the mean time If the Lights Corresponding to DSL / Internet is in Red-color,and Blinking then the Problem will be with your ISP.

    If the Lights are not Blinking and Steady with Green Color When your internet is Disconnected, then i am very much sure that there is a Problem with your Firewall.

    Any way can you Just let me know how do you use the Internet, Wired or Wireless , Cable or 3G.

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