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    Google Chrome crashed now

    Hello Member

    I am facing some problem with my Google chrome.When I am using Google chrome then after few minutes its show message that the "Chrome is crashed now" then its restart now and start work. I am confused about the situation that how can handle it? Give the full solution and tell us how can I resolve this? Please discuss the full discussion.
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    A month or 2 ago, even I was going through same troubles. Chrome used to crash and restart again. So I unistalled it and downloaded the newer version of Chrome. It is working fine now. You try this and if you still face the problem the share your problem again in the forum. Our members will be more than happy to help you.

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    Hi Zanib this may be the problem caused by some viruses. Please uninstall the Chrome browser then check latest definitions or updates for your antivirus and scan your whole system. Better option is set the antivirus to boot-scan and restart your system. At the time of restart your system can be scanned thoroughly then login to your account and install fresh copy of Chrome. However I have been using Chrome since I had launched but I never faced any problem till now. Try this soultion and let me know.
    Sachin R. Kukale

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    Sachin Rambhau Kukale and ranjan thanks for quick response.I uninstall my chrome two time but when I installed after few hours the chrome crashes.So i post my problem here.
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    Have you tried downloading it again and installing it?


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    Please remove viruses in your system. I am sure your system is infected with some virus. Use avira on avast antivirus if you are using free antivirus.
    Sachin R. Kukale

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    Hello Zanib Kahtoon,
    This is really very frustrating issue, I can understand the situation even I faced such issue. I used to feel like anything when I used work seriously and suddenly this crash! But I can't specify what exactly worked for me. Anyway Here is something you can work out to get over it!
    1. Make sure you've latest updated Chrome installed.
    2. Disable/Un-install all extensions. toolbar and adds on if there is any.
    3. Run Cleaner/Derangement/Boot time Scan/Scan for your C drive.
    4. For time being, you can press 'Ctrl+Shift+N' to access Chrome in safe mode, hope it won't crash.
    5. Make sure your system is updated.
    6. Change your anti-virus, though antivirus is not an issue here.
    7. Important one! If you can recognize and perform then go to Task Manager and 'End up' all the processes which are not mandatory and named as Googleupdates, GoogleCrash, Chrome, and any new and strange process before you use Chrome. I am sure it won't crash if you close all unwanted and un-necessary process(one may be the virus which kills your chrome) before you use Chrome.

    Let me know if it din't work. I have something more to resolve your issues. And come with your system configuration and details? Feel free to ask?

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    Dear friend,
    Google chrome is a fast browser in the world. To fast browsing experience it need to store large cache and cookies. Some times it store lot of datas. So to manage lot of datas is difficult. So some files are missing. It is the main problem to crash Google Chrome. So you need to clear datas in a fixed time to avoid this problem.


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