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    Suggest some sensors

    I have planned to do a project based robots.But i don't know what all sensors is to be used in that.I decided to do such a robot that automatically detects human and detects their face and talk to them.It talks only to some extend.So i need your help and suggest me the sensors that i need to use and their prices.
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    You would need I.R. sensors to detect a living organism presence, it won't be limited to humans but all hot blooded organisms. The sensor is available a quite low prices in market.
    What do want to do by detecting human faces and what do you want the robot to talk to them?

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    I was planning to design such a robot who can be implemented in office purposes , it can accepts the voice signals given by us and if need to pass some messages or anything to another person ,we only need to give his name and the information to the robot, it automatically detects his face and the message is passed to him.

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    Dear Fayaz,

    Great Idea to implement. The robots you saying about available in market. The voice sensors, IR sensors, Camera, UV sensors may help you for robot project. I had not any idea about there prices. You can check prices in any electronic market or take help from any IT college student.

    with best regards

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    thank you friends for your advice. but i need some more project ideas. If you don't mind please reveal your ideas that may help me.

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    You can make use of the voice recognition system present in Windows 7 for this project. The system can learn to identify different voices. It can be used to give different commands.
    However, you idea for identifying the face of the person looks a bit complex. If you want to make a system for identifying people using I.F. sensor then you will need to map the unique signals first from each person in the controller. For this you will need Matlab software. Also, the mapping of the office is also necessary.

    What I suggest is that rather than going for such a complex project you can start simple- make a robot which can recognise your voice commands using the software present in Windows 7. The command should specify two parts- one should be message which should be recorded and the other part should be a 'name' which should be mapped to a location where that person sits in the office.
    You should skip the part where the robot identifies the person, rather, you can use voice password which should be used by the other person to initiate message delivery by the robot (playing of the recorded message). The robot should not search for the person, rather it should go to his location and wait there for some period till the person returns and receives the message and then it should return to the default position.

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    Thanks blogger.

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    Thanks blogger, you have cleared my big doubt in this project.

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    Hi fayaz
    There are many sensor which are available in market just visit and check them. if you want to make a project then first go and search on Internet then you can find many sensor.IR sensor is best who can work fast.

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    Friends i am new to this site. I had never ever earned any money from this, so please help me.

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    Blogger, sorry to say that i have dropped the project..

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    Hi Fayaz,

    I dont know for what reason you dropped your project. But i would like to say one thing, you were interested and took that project. May be for some other reasons you were dropped your project. Bur you chosen a nice topic regarding robots. What you said about your project in foreign countries similar projects came out and it had been went successfully. search those articles and see what are all work they made in their project. It my be useful for you in future. And what you have learnt try to put an article. It will be more useful for others members also.

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    Hi bharath, i dropped the project because of its high expense. my budget was 40000 rupees... but unfortunately it exceeds... excuse me friend, can i post such article about the robot project in this techulator.

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    Dear fayaz,
    You cannot any thing without money. You can simply do your project at low cost. You can ask any experts for your project


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    But i have some more ideas other than the robot. even though i dropped the robot project due to high cost, now i'm planning to do a new project based on the car security system. i will share my doubts to later.

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    After dropping the robot project now i am planning to do another project based on android application. Actually i was planned to prepare an app which can access the remote mobile phone in which this app is installed. The two phones should install the app. The app is named as "Remote mobile explorer". The project is not completed, it is under construction. In this app we can access the remote mobile only with his permission. If high speed internet is available then we can use the remote phone without any lag. But as a security feature, we have restricted copying data from the remote phone. Only accessing is granted.

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    Hi fayaz,
    That is good idea. But are you use team viewer software. It can also access PC to PC and PC to tab and PC to mob. But not mobile to mobile. But routing is the main problem.


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    Yes you got the exact problem. whatever may be, routing is to be done for achieving the goal. But it is too risky process. While in PC to PC accessing routing is not done since locating PC is simple. But in the case of mobile to mobile we need to do the routing process. I have completed half of the project.

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