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    My Facebook account is being hacked? How to secure it ?

    Recently I have secured my Facebook Account as to if anyone from any other computer(i.e. different IP Address) logs into my account I get a message citing the IP Adress from which my account was signed in. My Account is being hacked. Is ther eany way to track the IP Address or any way to protect and secure my account further?
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    Firstly, your question is not clear?? If your fb account is hacked then you can gain access to it by resetting your fb password through email or your mobile. Fb will send a new password to your email/mobile no. If hacker has changed the mail and phone no. associated with your facebook account, then i think there is very less chances to gain access to your hacked account, though you may try no access to email and mobile no. and enter your email id, which may work.

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    How to protect the Face Book account through mobile tracking? Is there any way?

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    Actually I have protected my account by giving a unique name to my lap top from where I access the account. So it has a specific IP Address. If anyone tries to log in through some different IP Address FB sends an alert message to me citing the IP Adress from where it was logged in.I have been getting these messages since a few days. IS ther any other layer of protection available?

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    I didnt get what do you mean by mobile tracking with respect to fb account. Can you elaborate it?

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    Well as in Gmail has a facility that can be activated so that if anyone tries to log in through a different computer or in technical terms different IP Address u can set your account so that Google will send a unique code to your mobile fed in your account setting.After the code is punched in then only one can get access to the account.In a way it enables mobile track facility of the account.Is there suc tracking in FB?

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    I dont think there is any such kind of facility provided by facebook.

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    Ok so can anyone help me with second layer of protection for security of my facebook account?

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    Why you need so much layers of protection, i think that is enough provided by facebook to help its users.Moreover, its not so easy to hack facebook throgh fishing or through any other methods.

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    Well my account is being hacked. I can give you all the different IP Address from which it was logged in and I sure can assure you its not me. So if you have any idea please do share.

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    Is there any way of tracking IP legally?

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