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    Whether Win-XP is the Best OS as compare to Win-7 ?

    Xp uses Less Disk Space... , with the help of service packs, performance can be increased..
    Windows 7 is the latest with lot of features,, but takes more space..

    for a normal daily PC User.. Which OS is better to use ?
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    Hello Vinay,
    Windows 7 has many benefits for users and it is better performing OS but till now it has not beaten XP. It will take time to get over the XP. XP is used all around the world. For general users I would say XP is the best option.


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    Yes According to the Javen Kumaar that the windows 7 has many applications and features.Its is much better from Xp service pack 7 give many options and features on the desktop.Easy to use for new users.

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    I was a fan of Windows XP and never thought I would be able to work comfortably with Windows 7. But now been working on Windows 7 it feels the same!
    As an average user, still I would recommend Windows 7 with latest service packs and support available. And if you use windows 7 like a average user you won't find any difference.

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    We can't compare both the operating systems. Win XP is best in its performance and simplicity. Many Organizations around the world are still using Win XP as their operating system for their daily use. Win 7 is the latest OS which is mostly used by the newer generation. It takes few more days to transfer to Win 7, but Win XP won the hearts of many people around the world.

    Finally, I conclude both Win XP & Win 7 are the best OS in their own way.


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    Yes. Windows 7 is the best Operating than Window Xp. Windows 7 Operating System is coming with the new systems only and is it not familiar with the people like Window Xp. But, Window 7 is advance and user freindly Operating System coming with excellent look, performance and very advance features.

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    Obviously Windows 7 is better than Windows xp. Windows 7 is improved version of Windows xp. You may ask then why such kind of questions are asked like which is better?
    There is one big reason for this.People have been using Windows xp for a long time. Windows 7 has many changes. But users don't want to come out of there comfort zone,which is made by XP.They don't want to learn anything new on Windows 7.That is why they find it difficult to work on Windows 7.
    I would say try Windows 7,it is far better than windows xp,as it is huge features loaded.You just need to come out of your comfort zone and learn something new.

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    As time passes, there is always some advancement in technology. The time when windoxs XP was launched, it was considered to be the best OS of that time, and now when When windows 7 was launched it has more fans. No doubt, Windows 8 has already come and also it will be having great features.
    Since the question is Which is better ? Windows XP or Windows 7.
    According to me. It depends on system configuration and user using it. If you have a system with good configuration, it will be worth giving a try to Windows 7. It will work great. As far as windows XP is considered, I think it is simpler to use. A new user can easily interact with it's feature and can get familiar to it in shorter time as compared to windows 7.
    But I personally recommend using window 7. Because it has stronger security from virus, other hacks...
    More or less it finally depends on you, what type of environment you get and finally your system configuration.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Ankit Sharma

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    Windows 7 is the best operating system now . It has more features and more security. Secure is the most importan feature for which it has been widely used in all the newly brought computers . Windows XP is now used in old systems where their system configuration is low and they continued to use the same. At
    last microsoft has stopped its support to windows XP

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    windows xp is more user friendly than 7 because xp is fast than 7
    but win 7 is secure as compare to xp and it has many features than xp
    but for a general user win xp is suitable

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