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    Will Google Chrome get No. 2 position ?

    Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are battling for the No. 2 position.

    All eyes are on Google's Chrome browser as it battles Mozilla's Firefox in a tight fight for the No. 2 position behind Microsoft's Internet Explorer, which is holding onto its market-leading share of the desktop browser market.

    According to StatCounter, a web analytics firm in Ireland. "In September 2009, Chrome was at 2.35% for worldwide usage. As of September 2011, it's now at 23.61%. There's been a massive increase for Chrome," StatCounter's monthly statistics for September show IE in the lead with 41.66% of the market, followed by Firefox with 26.79%, Chrome with 23.61%, Safari with 5.6% and Opera with 1.72%. the Statcounter further says that in June for the first time, on a country basis, it surpassed Firefox and became the No. 2 browser in IRELAND.

    But here the main doubt is that could No. 1 player Microsoft eventually be unseated?

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    No one will sit Idle.. keep watching, But as per me... Google Chrome will get that Position as it has more better features...

    IE : if it improves much better & updates the old one then it will be continued..

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    yes i think Google chrome will reach that position as it is becoming popular among users . it gives speed and safe browsing.

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    The days of Microsoft internet explorer going to over soon and microsoft internet explorer will take the position of #3 after Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Since Microsoft's earlier introduction of IE, its still prevailing, but the number of users are decreasing very rapidly. So, I think Chrome will be at #1 and then Mozilla Firefox and then it will be Internet Explorer.
    Ataul Haque

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    I think this is not question to think.Google chrome is no.1 browser in today's context.
    Sachin R. Kukale

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    No, i dont thing that one day Google Chrome get 2nd because google has widely spread peoples are there even Yahoo,bing didn't reached any further level yet to google. But in future i don't know some times better than google chrome may change.

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    In think Google chrome much better and become more useable for user.In the future its increase their user on the internet.

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