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    A 'Google' way for safe Internet surfing

    Safe Internet surfing through Google.

    Every body wants to keep their privacy during internet surfing. There are softwares providing IP encryption and there are also web sites which permits surfing anonymously like Now Google Search is going to provide Encrypted searching By Default. Over the next few weeks, Google is rolling out default encryption using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) on searches for users signing in with their accounts, the company informed. The move comes over a year after Google made SSL the default setting for Gmail, and also introduced an encrypted search service.

    The encryption is expected to be particularly useful for people using an unsecured Internet connection, such as a Wi-Fi hotspot in an Internet café,
    With Google search over SSL, users get an end-to-end encrypted search channel between their computer and Google. The secured channel helps protect search terms and search results pages from being intercepted by a third party, Google said in a description of SSL search.

    Over the next few weeks, users will be redirected to a secure search site when they are signed in with their Google Account. The change encrypts search queries and Google's results page. Users can also navigate directly to the secure search site if they are signed out or don't have a Google Account.
    But if the user clicks on an advertisement appearing on the search results page, the browser will continue to send the relevant query over the network to enable advertisers to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns and to improve the ads and offers they present.

    In the present scenario, Hackings, certainly the steps taken by Google will help us?

    What do you say?

    Thanks and Regards


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    You can browse to google encrypted search site with or through

    Encrypted site gives result as fast as the regular site.I was thinking it might be slow as https is a little slower than http.
    But happy to see no major difference.

    Following are my thoughts on encrypted search

    1. I feel encrypting searches may affect free GA services from business point of view.

    2.From developer side I think we will need to revisit our SEO logics.

    3. If my search is really secure and private why should advertisers get the keyword. If advertisers need to know effectiveness of their campaings , non-advertisers should also be given this opportunity. Is google planning to make a few more dollars from this!!!

    4. Is it a new strategy to keep more users signed in!!!!

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    Dear Archita,

    Thank you for response which was quite informative. As you are rightly said, Google has certainly 'getting more dollar' in their mind.

    The true thing is that whatever precaution we will be taken on secured surfing, experience shows that there will be someone to find another way to ovecome this .

    Normally, the spywares and cookies etc will be in the partian where operating system is installed, but I could see some news that now hackers can place their programmes in other partitians also and it is very much difficult to find out.



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