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    Will India Government block Google ?

    Government of India has asked data monitoring access to Google, Skype & others! It is not known as to whether these sites have acceded to the request of the Government. Previously China had also tried for it and they infact was going to block Google. The only thing what probably Google & Skype can provide is information sought on case by case basis, and they are doing it now.

    What will India Government do if the sites refuse the request? Of course, they have an option of blocking them. Do you think they will do it?

    Thanks and Regards,

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    Hello Hari,

    Yes they can block but I don't think it will be a good choice and also if they try to block law in India is not that strong such decisions can be easily challenged and stay can be granted. This was happened with RIM i.e. Blackberry as Government asked them to provide access to their systems but Blackberry simply rejected it.

    The only option to monitor the activities on such services is by allowing them to host their servers in India. I think such issues should be resolved properly or after discussion as blocking sites will affect many industries (not on IT).

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    Milind Mohan Koyande

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    Dear Milind,

    Thank you for the response. You are right in saying that discussion is the best way to problem. I have read somewhere that on the problem with China, Nehru also told like this " Discuss, Discuss and discuss. You will find a way".

    Thanks and regards


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    Hehe nice Hari... Brain storming :)

    I wish this could be easy as we say with Indian Government and their policies.. First Paypal and now Google/skype :P

    Thanks and Best Regards,
    Milind Mohan Koyande

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    Dear friend,
    I don't things so it will because. If it happen then it will create India widely a struggle against the government. And also cost more problems in the field of education and the bussiness field. Because bussiness companies use google as a medium of advertising and also effect the foreign trading and all over everything.

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    I don't think So that that Google and skype will be block by the gave of India. because this is major reason that the advertisement of Indian made by the Google and if Govt take that action many of companies goes in lose.So I don't think Indian took that action.

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    Indian govt can go for a block, but this will not be at all a wise decision for the Indian govt. Since India is a democratic country, Indian govt though have the authority to do so, but it can also realize its consequences. So, its not to worry state for us, that Google will be blocked in India.
    Ataul Haque

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    Genuine and fare use of technology no any restrictions. Sure Indian government not block Google or Facebook whenever not necessary. Some part of it may the can not but all over. Because IT is merging industry for India and youth want to explore it.
    with best regards

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    Indian Government will not block Google unnecessarily, why will our Government has to do so without any cause / reason?

    If there is any genuine reason against Indian Government or Indian citizen, then there is possibility to analyze, research, investigate and deal the relevant issue accordingly. It is not necessary that whole Google operation needs to stop for someone's mistake or misuse. That's it.


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