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    is it possible for people to hack our personal mail in google chrome h

    is it really easily possible to hack gmail in google chrome??then are we safe using it?
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    Hi Vishak,

    Really very nice thread from you. I feel it is not possible to hack a mail from google chrome. Because google chrome contains secured system wise pages. All could see an address starts with http:// like this. This is not secure. And it can be hacked easily by anyone. But If you see https:// with lock symbol in green color, it is very secured. You cannot hack that page. So i feel google chrome is safer in use of web pages.

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    thnx for your suggesion..can i get the feature which u said above by using mozila firefox?

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    Hi vishak,

    Nice post from you, Google chrome browser has the incognito window to have secure browsing , whereas in Mozilla Firefox browser have private browsing option and other security options are provided for secure browsing. For protection against hacking and phishing one must use good antivirus and anti spyware program. When good antivirus or anti spyware is used then we can have secure browsing. As bharath said we can lock pages using https:// option but cant protect against ip phishing hence we have to use a good anti virus or anti spyware program for secure browsing.


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    I agree what Ragav has said in above. Vishak you can use both the browsers in you windows. So you can enjoy both of its uses and features.

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    no way ...............

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    Hello all,

    Recently I have attended a conference about security where speaker gave very nice information about information leak using browsers. This mostly happens when your system is infected and hacker have access to it. So the information or sites you are browsing, information your are typing are transferred to the hacker.

    Speaker ended his note with "The most secured system in the world is the system which is offline and shutdown" :)

    So browse safe and keep updated :)

    Thanks and Best Regards,
    Milind Mohan Koyande

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    Dear Milind,

    The quote noted by you is nice. Please share the knowledge/information you acquired in the conference in a separate posting

    Thanks and Regards,


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    Hello Hari,

    Sure I will, I have presentations given by the speakers which I can share with the members of MyWindowsClub but I don't know where I can post them.

    Thanks and Best Regards,
    Milind Mohan Koyande

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