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    How many collision and broadcast domains ?

    Hi all,

    Let us consider One router is connected to one switch and switch is connected to one Hub.

    Switch -4 ports

    I am trying to get answer but ans was wrong.Could you please help me out in getting this solution .In meanwhile if i done i will share with you.

    Thanks in advance.

    Regards ,
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    Hi Annapurna,

    I cant understand your thread over here. Can you please explain what you coming to ask here. Surely i will explain you and help you to solve your question.

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    Here we need to find out how many collision and broadcast domains if switch is connected to router and that router is connected to switch.

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    Hi Annupurna,
    There is only one Broadcastdomain. And for Collision domain.
    And as you said there are 4 ports in your switch if you use one port out of these four to connect with router then there will be 4 Collision domain but if you use any other uplink to connect switch and router to each other that will be the fifth port in Switch and you will have 5 collision domains.

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    i understand your question very well
    the answer is 6 collision domain and one broadcast domain

    explaintaion:- collision domain
    each swich has as no.of collision domain as there are ports connected
    4 ports for switch so four collison domain
    at one port the router is connected so one collision domain is meant for that
    also there is one collision domain for the hubs doesnt matter with the number of ports

    so total no of collision domain is 4+1+1=6

    broadcast domain: there are no. of broadcast domains as there are networks connected too
    in this case there are only broad cast domain

    hope that you will understand

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    Hi punit,

    Notice one thing hub have only single collision domain . So it will share the collision domain with the switch port with which it is connected.

    So we will have 5 CD

    PLease correct me with explanation if I am Wrong.

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