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    What is this folder and unable to delete?

    Hi friends,

    Today I switch on my system and saw 3 folder in sequence. I double clicked those folders but those were lock and it showed me Access is Denied. One of the folder contains the following name 5e0554481034bdc14904409d252b38. Anyone knows what is this folder and why Access is denied ?
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    Hello Prashant,

    Can you specify about the OS you are using? Based on that I can help you.

    Shafi Ahamed

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    I think you should try to delete it by using command prompt. Actually this is the kind of corrupted or incomplete files which comes from Internet. But you can delete it using the command prompt.
    Follow the steps:
    1. Move cursor on he folder so that you can check out the drive which contains it.
    2. Run->Type cmd-> Change directory using the command cd-> go to the folder which contains it.
    3. Type del "new folder"
    *New folder is your file/folder name.


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    I think some corruption had been occured in your system. Because i too had same sort of problem one time. That time also similar like you i got one folder which cant be deleted. After sometime i restart my system and run in safe mode. In that time i tried to delete it and that folder is got deleted. You too try this way and if it deleted means it will be useful.

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    Hi Prashant,

    I think the folder you are trying to delete is not really a folder it is an application which gets loaded into process list when you open it.

    So to delete it you should restart the computer and delete it without opening it.

    with regards,
    B Prince Pandey

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    Hi Shafi Ahamed,

    Thanks for replying my query. The OS I am using is Windows XP.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Prashant Sultania

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    Hi BPrince,

    I have tried each and every step to delete this folder. But I am unable to delete it. I have also tried to delete this folder in Safe mode and Command Prompt also.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Prashant Sultania

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    This kind of folders are generating when installing automatic windows update. These are temporary folders, you can not delete that directly from user login and admin login. Best solution is to change the security permissions from folder properties, assign full access to the Administrator account, change the ownership of that folder to Adminstrator account. Reboot the system and the try delete. - Ramchandra

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    You can use Unlocker to delete these folders. Unlocker is a very good software. Whenever you try to delete something and if rather than deleting it shows an error message, unloker has option to delete the particular item.You can get this software free of cost.

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    Hi Arvind and Ramchandra,

    Thanks for replying my thread. I will try to solve my problem through these steps. Hope it will solve it.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Prashant Sultania

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    The folder which are you talking about i already watched in my system.I follow the instruction of which is given blow

    First go to start menu
    Go to Run menu and Type cmd and change directory using the command Cd and then
    New folder is your file/folder name.
    go to folder which contains its
    then type Del new folder.
    If you can not resolve this problem then please resubmit your question again.

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    If you are not able to delete those folders, there could be a reason behind it. If the folders are empty then there is nothing to worry about. The best thing I can suggest you is to let the folder be there as it is. Sometimes Windows updates and backups create such kind of folders and they may be required by the system to function normally. Please use an antivirus to scan these folders for infections. I understand that you may not like to see those folders there and neither do I but all I do is just hide them.

    All the best.

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