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    How improve graphics , How to optimise Ram memory to boost the system performance

    There is always a need for faster processing system required in fields of rendering graphics and in gaming.The system having faster configuration and enhanced hardware may sometime suffer rendering heavy graphics application.So there is always a need for improving system graphics and RAM utilization.

    Here are few methods to improve graphics and RAM, there by improving the speed of entire system performance.

    Tweaking of system graphics:
    The use of graphic cards helps system to work faster in graphic application and also have considerable effect in system speed . A graphic card devised for such purpose may some time can get over heated and degrading performance since it process both the graphic application and as well as desktop application.The newer trends in graphics can be boosted up by limiting the use of graphics for desktop and gadgets & icons .

    The graphic card used for specific purpose will have significant life greater than, which is used for entire purpose including the desktop.
    The system with very low RAM and graphics can be tweaked in performance by using windows classic style and keeping mono-color desktop background,more often lighter backgrounds with slight bubble or styles of stripes on sides seems to be attracting,and also improving the visual as well as using optimum video memory for display .

    In a computer running windows 7 having 1 GB of ram will have minimum of 500 of ram in use and nearly 250 MB reserved for cached data and process not in use (standby). so only 250 MB of RAM is only free which must be used for specific purpose of user operation ,so the windows 7 by default share the RAM memory to the video memory there by increasing graphics of desktop and visual theme .
    But if the desktop and visual theme is set to low graphics then there will be a considerable increase performance ,the increase will be in processing and other activities of the user. so to speed up ones computer to maximum extent one has to minimize the visual theme and desktop background .The next tip is the DE-fragmentation of the hard disk to remove the unwanted fragments.

    If the system is maintained in such a manner then what ever the processing load may be,the system wont suffer processing it. And it will boost up the desktop performance and speedup the computer.
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