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    Discuss: Do you agree that Hackers/Crackers are developing and It is a serious issue?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Do you agree that Hackers/Crackers are developing and It is a serious issue?'

    Well, You might be knowing that recently there has been three big hacking issues in this June. Which involves big name like Google and Sony. As you can see here:

    Gmail Spear Phishing Attack by Chinese Hackers
    LulzSec Hacked Sony Pictures: Millions of Accounts Exposed
    Hackers Steal Customer Data from Acer's European Website

    I invite you all to share your views on this topic? Isn't it a big issue? Discuss your opinion or any suggestion through which we can stop these crackers?
    Click here to know more:Major hacking in this June

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    Hi jeevan,

    It is really bad what happened in june. Really hackers become more incredible development in their functionalitites. Their mission is becoming greater in intensity. This causes big draw back in all the fields.

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    Hi jeevan,

    Hackers and hijacker are really bad as they dig out others information and personal details. They must be punished severely for their unauthorized work. They must be identified uniquely and be given punishment by the government. Only ethical hacker who work for government must be allowed practicing hacking , that too for genuine cause.
    yes the hackers are developing around the globe ,but they must not be encouraged ,there must a control towards hacking which may be implemented by the government.Special acts against hacking must be introduced and implemented.

    everyone stand against "illegal hacking"

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