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    What is Front page and their use

    our discussion is about Front page.what is front page?where it is use?basic use of front page?how can we easily use in computer?how much the advantages and disadvantages of front page?every thing explain here with examples and reference.
    if any one know about any article which written on front page then please give me links.
    i hope member can help me to understanding about front page.
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    Front Page is a software provided by Microsoft for web page designing purpose. It is very simple to use. You can create web pages with this software very easily. It has user friendly UI.

    Features :

    Following are the features of FrontPage:
    1. Templates and style sheets
    2. Shared border for FrontPage site building.
    3. Creating forms and database during your site building.
    4. E-mail form contents.
    5. Integrate complicate website artwork and graphics with minimal fuss
    6. Add audio and video
    7. Create safe-pay options
    8. Create webpages offline

    Advantages :
    Another benefit to using FrontPage is being able to create virtual directories with ease. As you know, when you specify a home directory, all of the subdirectories beneath than home directory automatically become subdirectories of the Web site as well. However, you can also designate a folder located elsewhere on the system as a subdirectory of the site by creating a virtual directory out of it. A virtual directory is a directory or folder on a server that is not in the actual server directory structure.

    1. Proprietary code inserted into your html file. Your site goes haywire except in the specific version of IE to which your FP is linked. YES, there are different versions of IE and FP, usually something like *.1.1.4 not compatible with *.6.2.3

    Manoranjan Sahoo

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    Hi Sahoo

    first of all thanks for Quick response.
    2nd thing is please tell me where i get front page software?can i buy and installed in my computer?so please tell me best front page links where i download.

    aamir khan

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    Aamir Khan

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    please also tell me it is separate software which are provided by Microsoft much its cast?


    Aamir khan

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    Aamir Khan

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    Hello Aamir Shahzad

    I had already given this answer in your another forum thread related to Microsoft Frontpage. Please note that there are many products available in market to create a website like Microsoft Frontpage, Macromedia Dreamweaver etc. In Microsoft Frontpage, because this is a Microsoft product and this is easy and contains many readymade templates, web solutions etc. that we have to use it easier to make our own website. We can create a simple personal or official website with some clicks on the mouse and then we can add information on website. We can see HTML page as appear in the Internet Explorer. The disadvantage is that this will look perfectly in Internet Explorer only. Frontpage perfectly interacts with Micrsoft office applications as well, we can cut and paste from MS Excell to MS Frontpage. But I prefer to use Dreamweaver to create a website.

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    Dinesh Sood
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    Hi Sood
    i try to downloading for dream-viewer but is it avail in Some dollars.please tell me free of cast.i check it software in many website providing with some credits.


    aamir khan

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    Never Trust Someone who lies you.

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    Aamir Khan

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    Hi Aamir,

    Front page is nothing but it is a administration tool from the microsoft for the windows line of operating system. It was branded as a part of the office suit from the division period. It has been replaced by the microsoft expression web and sharepoint designer, which were first released in the year 2006. And it produce the office 2007 later alongside.

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