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    How to optimize our content to get higher rank in Bing search?

    Dear friends,

    I want know "How to optimize our content to get higher rank in Bing search?". Many of people working on Google search optimization but Bing also have good contribution and it can help to fetch more visitor's for site. There are any special things to do for get reflect in Bing search. Share your ideas and view about Bing SEO here.
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    If you're interested in capturing some of this search volume for your own website, you first need to understand how Bing's search algorithms differ from Google's:

    Bing's algorithms are not as complex as Google's. As a result, they're more susceptible to spam techniques, making many SEO strategies that have long been devalued by Google still effective rankings catalysts on Bing. Bing is always trying to clean up its algorithms to better compete with Google, but parity is still a long way off. So for now at least, a good ranking can be achieved more easily on Bing than on Google.

    Bing takes longer to crawl websites than Google. Because Bing isn't as advanced as Google, it can take longer for changes made on the pages indexed by Bing to affect results. So, you may have to wait a while to see the impact of your Bing-specific optimization efforts.

    Fewer people optimize their sites for Bing than for Google. Because most webmasters optimize for Google, Bing's results are less competitive than Google's. This can represent a good alternative for site owners who are frustrated by being perpetually shut out of Google's more established search result listings.

    To take advantage of the opportunity Bing presents, consider take the following steps to get your website ranked

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    @ Vilas

    Kindly change the word 'their' to 'there' in the last but one sentence of your thread.

    Google is known to be the world's top most search engine with about 88 per cent of the global market share. Google's market share in the United States is little less, i.e., 86.3 per cent. So, it is quite natural that the advertisers would run to the Google rather than Bing. If your website is ranked well in Google, it does not mean that it would equally rank well at Bing or at any other search engines for that purpose. Bing was launched only in 2009 and it has so far gained about 7.3% of the market share in the United States. However, we must also not forget that Bing is growing quite fast over the last three years. Both Google and Bing use almost the same criteria for their SEO activity with regard to PageRank and link authority. Local results are offered based on the keywords and geographic locations.

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