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    Why google chrome is sometimes getting slower while browsing?

    Can anyone suggest me why google chrome is sometimes getting slower while browsing?
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    Hi Yogi,

    There are number of factors due to which you may get the slow access and all. Well if your chrome setting is perfect then you need not to worry for chrome. There may be problem with the bandwidth of your internet connection and all. But make sure that your chrome is updated.


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    I have the same problem. Typically this happens with flash heavy websites. However, I've noticed a significant delay in page loading lately on chrome - and immense CPU utilization while playing flash movies

    zini paya

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    Hi Yogi,

    Welcome to the MWC as a new member. Really nice to see you as your forming up the question. Good question. Even i too have the same problem while browsing. All were getting this kind of problems. Its all because of browsing speed, accessing methods, flash content in the webpage, etc. Because of these kind of utilities problem may arise in my point of view.


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    Hi Yogi,

    There may me some problem in usage of memory also. System usage speed, frequency bandwidth all will be one of the reasons too.


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    Hello Yogi

    Welcome to My Windows Club. Please note that Google Chrome is a good Internet Browser and the slow browsing can be cause of any other problem. There can be load on the particular website. To check the efficiency of that website you can use PING command. Example to check the website MyWindowsClub you can give command at command prompt. Ping -t.

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    Hi bharath,

    Thank you for your suggestions. keep on contributing me.Help me all the ways.

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    Hi jeevan,

    Thank you for your suggestion.Even my chrome is updated,i am getting the same problem.can you tell me,which kind of version is better in the chrome?

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    Hi Yogi
    Your Facing some problem with your Google chrome.i am also using Google Chrome and i found it is very fast internet browser.but when we install Internet Browser in our system it may slow because of Problem or Errors and i suggest you please first uninstall you Google Chrome and then install it again.completing installation open this browser again and check it.if you found Google Chrome is working properly then leave it and if you found it is slow then again uninstall and Download fresh copy of Google Chrome and Install it.then you fell it will working quickly.


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    Hello Yogi,

    There many reason for slow access in google chrome. There was some problem with earlier version of chrome. Please update to latest version and make as default setting. Don't update from existing one. Please uninstall that first and download one latest version and then install it again properly. I think this will solve your problem.

    Thank You.

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    Hi Yogi,

    To increase speed of your Google Chrome browser clear browsing data. Also you can try "uncheck of, Use DNS pre-fetching to improve page load performance under option in wrench menu". This may solve your problem.

    with best regards

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    Hello vilas,

    Thank you for your suggestion.Your idea is better to solve this low speed problem in the chrome browser.

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