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    Discuss: Is Linux is better than windows

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Is Linux is better than windows'.
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    This is the good question but i think both the O.S having their own features and characteristics which makes it unique and useful. In some cases Linux is doing quit well. But at some stage windows prove s themselves better then Linux. So the fact is both are very good at their points. Yes there is some key differences between both of them. Right now Linux is playing a great role int IT-Industry.

    So i say Linux is better then Windows as its open source, there are lots of things which makes Linux better then Windows.

    1. Linux does not have Antivirus.
    2. It is safe and secure.
    3. It is user-friendly.
    4. It does not get effected from viruses and all.
    5. As it is open a programmer can develop it as well.


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    Hi zini,

    I cant say one is best than the other in this. Because both the Os versions have different and usable features over its versions. It is most useful in all the kinds of programs and access using in it. Using Linux, the feasibility is different. It doesn't have antivirus protection, detection and deletion. More over if any virus attacks the system when the Linux using in it, the system wont show as if any virus found or detected. It looks ordinary and normal to the user.

    Windows is more different from the Linux. It has antivirus facility. And more facilities.


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    Hello Zini Paya

    We cannot say which operating system is good. Microsoft Windows are very friendly to use and anybody can use this operating system easily as this contains all graphics. But Linux is a different operating system although there is a GUI interface is also available in Linux. But Linux is not much user friendly like Windows.

    Please note that Microsoft Windows is not much secure but Unix and Linux are much safe. With the help of Linux and Unix we can know all the passwords of Microsoft Windows.

    We can say both operating system are best at the own place.

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    Linux is different operating system.Microsoft is making very operating other word we can not say which is best for using.there are different operating system.

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