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    TMG and UAG

    what is the different between TMG (Threat Management Gateway) and UAG (Unified Access Gateway)

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    Hello Raheel
    Here you ask about difference between TMG and UMG.
    TMG is produced of microsofts firewall which is known as ISA has many features beyond those of just firewall,Url Filterening High level of intregration with Microsoft leading products shrae point..
    While UMG is a incaenation of microsoft ;s Reserve Proxy and SSL-VpN Products which is known as IAG ServerTMG is a firewall mechnism But adds some Functions.the priemry function is reverse proxy,

    TMG is a the current incarnation of Microsoft's Firewall product, previousely known as ISA Server. TMG has many features beyond those of "just" a firewall, such as multiple VPN scenarios, URL Filtering, high level of integration with Microsoft' leading products Exchange and Sharepoint and much more.
    i hope above answer will help you,


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    TMG - Threat Management Gateway
    UMG - Unified Access Gateway

    These are the products from microsoft for the security concerns through firewall.
    Both the TMG and UMG are the gateways to access the data through firewalls.

    The name of TMG was known by ISA previously and later the Microsoft has given a new name.
    TMG is basically the secure gateway which protect peoples from Web based threats. It provides various facilities like URL filter, prevention of intruders in the website.
    Use of this gateway can reduce the risk of the website. It can be used for inbound as well as outbound access.

    The name of UAG was IAG and later the Microsoft has changed the name. It is basically used for inbound only access.
    It can provides remote access to publish the web application via an SSL Virtual Private Network(VPN) portal.

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    Hi Raheel,

    This is a very nice thread about Threat Management Gateway and Unified Access Gateway. There are some similarities and differences between Threat Management Gateway and Unified Access Gateway.

    Threat Management Gateway is an outgoing proxy that protects your internal users from malware, viruses and so on. Unified Access Gateway is an incoming proxy that provides employees, partners and vendors secure remote access to corporate resources such as Outlook web access and share point.

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    Hi Raheel, may be this will help you...

    If I need TMG:

    inbound and outbound access gateway
    firewall with stateful packet inspection and application filtering capabilities to protect my network
    built-in IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)
    a secure forward proxy for users
    web filtering based on individual URLs or URL categories
    monitor my user's web activity and firewall logging.
    block unproductive websites and services
    to protect users from web-based threats
    Forward HTTPS inspection to protect users against web threats that are hidden inside HTTPS
    to publish (reverse proxy) services to the internet
    SSL bridging to protect my publish servers against threats embedded inside SSL
    zero day protection from vulnerabilities that do not have a patch released yet
    site-to-site VPN

    If I need UAG:

    inbound only access gateway
    enable my users to securely access internal resources remotely
    enable Secure VPN access for users when they are outside my network
    quickly and easily enable DirectAccess for my Windows 7 users
    ensure only healthy and secure remote machines access
    be able to define which applications or services these users can access
    users can access these applications regardless of whether they are web-based, terminal services, RemoteApp or Citrix without having to establish VPN connection.
    give my users the ability to access these applications from a mobile device, or a non-Windows client such as a Mac or a Linux machine.
    provide a web-based interface that the user can login remotely and execute these applications from this portal without connecting VPN, provided his machine is healthy.
    provide a web-based interface that the user can login remotely and establish a secure SSTP VPN session or access file servers from the portal without connecting VPN, provided his machine passes the health requirements of my organization.
    easily define the security/machine health policies for machines that are attempting to access these applications.
    smaller remote sites where I have small numbers of users with no site-to-site VPN and just an internet connection. I need to provide them secure access to my applications over the internet.

    zini paya

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    Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) is formerly known as ISA. TMG is an outbound and inbound access gateway. It is a comprehensive, secure Web gateway that helps protect employees from Web-based threats. It provides multiple layers of continuously updated protections, including URL filtering, antimalware inspection, and intrusion prevention. These technologies are integrated with core network protection features, to create a unified, easy-to-manage gateway that reduces the cost and complexity of Web security

    Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) if formerly known as IAG. UAG is an inbound only access gateway. It provides browser-based remote access to published application via an SSL VPN portal. It delivers secure, anywhere access to messaging, collaboration, and other resources, increasing productivity while maintaining compliance with policy. UAG can also serve as a DirectAccess gateway, a deployment scenario for which the UAG provides incredible value.

    Manoranjan Sahoo

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