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If you have any questions about the latest Windows 8 operating system, discuss it here. This is a great Windows 8 discussion forum to get answers for any of your Windows 8 related questions.

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Celebration Member of the Week Award 4th to 10th Aug 2014HafeezWinner Announcements29 Aug 2014
Bug Article Contest: Best Android app for _____________ (9)HafeezContests & Award Programs25 Aug 2014
Happy Member of the Month Award for July 2014 (2)HafeezWinner Announcements20 Aug 2014
Happy Super Contributor Awards July 2014 - Ask Expert section WinnerHafeezWinner Announcements09 Aug 2014
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Celebration Article Contest: Best budget Smartphones for 2014 Winner / Runners (7)HafeezWinner Announcements16 Jul 2014
Cash Payment for March 2014 announced (8)Tony JohnContests & Award Programs10 Jul 2014

Super Contributor Awards (9)Tony JohnContests & Award Programs08 Jul 2013
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My AE question crosses 1000 visitors (1)ShravanRevenue & Rewards01 Sep 2014
How to learn hacking?shashankAntivirus / Spyware / Malware01 Sep 2014
Unable to post answers in Ask Experts (3)JuanaSuggestions and Feedback01 Sep 2014
Recommendation of resources on FacebookJuanaSuggestions and Feedback31 Aug 2014
Adsense status needs attentionJuanaAdSense Revenue Sharing31 Aug 2014
Cash back on JOLLYWALLET PLUGINIshank GargGoogle Chrome29 Aug 2014
How do I remove rejected article from Techulator? (3)JuanaComplaints28 Aug 2014
Complaint about article (1)samuel alemedeOther Security Issues26 Aug 2014
Window 7 File in Local Cache can be deleted of notY KapadiaGeneral Windows Topics25 Aug 2014
How to delete an answer posted in Ask Experts section? (2)RajasekharSuggestions and Feedback24 Aug 2014
Redirect domain name to blogspot (2)RajjaiswalHosting Services24 Aug 2014
How to check traffic of my post (1)Sandesh ChauhanComplaints23 Aug 2014
Unable to post anything as it says I have one or more post pending (1)Mohammed UmairComplaints23 Aug 2014
May i know why my articles are rejected (1)Sandesh ChauhanComplaints22 Aug 2014
Help Need Who call from this unknown number how to identify itY KapadiaGeneral21 Aug 2014
Adsense Placement on my post with my own Google Adsense account (1)Sandesh ChauhanAdSense Revenue Sharing20 Aug 2014
Indian creates Google Glass replica for only Rs.4,500Namita TerseMiscellaneous20 Aug 2014
Will TRAI make Whatsapp, Viber and Hike paid services?Namita TerseGeneral20 Aug 2014
My article got rejected! May I know why? (1)mathewComplaints20 Aug 2014
Question about placing url in resources (3)JuanaSuggestions and Feedback19 Aug 2014
Outlook reminders sound when accepting meetingsAlanMicrosoft Office19 Aug 2014
Back after a long hiatus (1)JuanaSelf Introduction19 Aug 2014
Hai to all, I am new to techulator. (1)Mathi GopalSelf Introduction19 Aug 2014
Member of the Week Award 28th July to 3rd Aug 2014HafeezWinner Announcements18 Aug 2014
Member of the Week Award 21st to 27th July 2014 (1)HafeezWinner Announcements18 Aug 2014
The site appearance should be changed a little (1)Sukanya SadhuSuggestions and Feedback18 Aug 2014
Hello Everyone in this forum (1)sandeep kumarGeneral14 Aug 2014
Data Back up process in Official serverAmit ChakrabortiBackup and Storage14 Aug 2014
Member of the Week Award 14th to 20th July 2014 (1)HafeezWinner Announcements09 Aug 2014
Which sites have you tried to make money online? (9)ShravanGeneral08 Aug 2014
Self introducing myself to Techulator (2)Sukanya SadhuSelf Introduction08 Aug 2014
My question in the AE section has not yet been reviewed. (2)Pratim RoyComplaints06 Aug 2014
Member of the Week Award 7th to 13th July 2014HafeezWinner Announcements04 Aug 2014
Is it possible that my answers posted in Ask Experts are missed out by the editors? (4)Anwesha BandopadhyayaComplaints02 Aug 2014
My AE questions cross 1000 visitors (1)ShravanRevenue & Rewards02 Aug 2014
Credits not awarded for Ask Expert question (5)Mobile BoyRevenue & Rewards02 Aug 2014
How to delete my articles in draft section? (3)Techu. fr.eakComplaints02 Aug 2014
Do we get paid for asking questions in the Ask Experts section? (4)Anwesha BandopadhyayaRevenue & Rewards01 Aug 2014
Special thanks to Tony John and Techulator team for information about Xiaomi MI3 (3)Bhakti SavlaTestimonials29 Jul 2014
How do webmasters in India deal with identity theft scams? (1)WebconceptsGoogle Chrome28 Jul 2014

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