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    How to create own Smartphone App?

    Are you thinking of creating an app of your own for your smartphone? Do you want to know the step by step procedure to develop an app? Follow this thread and read answers by our experts to these and other related questions that will help you to create an app for your smartphone.

    As you know there are many stores where we can download apps for free, some apps has their cast and some available for free. I want to create my own App for smartphone. So, how can I create an app successfully? Please give me best idea for making my own app.
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    You can create your own smartphone applications. But there are different platforms for which you can create apps for.
    The most popular platform is Android OS. So, to develop an app for this platform you need to first learn how to program in Java because android apps are developed in Java. There are many books as well as videos on the internet about tutorials on Java. After learning Java, you can download the Android Development Kit from Android's official website and use it to create and export your applications in an apk file format. There are tutorials also on Android app development on YouTube. Just search for the channel 'newboston'.
    For other platforms you have to use other development kits.

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    Steps to create own Smartphone App:
    • Register as a developer on your platform's website, like the iPhone Dev Centre, the Android Dev website, Windows Mobile Developer Centre or BlackBerry's Developer Zone, all of which offer free registration and access.
    • To become an official developer, need to own the type of smart phone whose app will be testing.
    • IPhone app developers will also need to develop on a Mac, while Windows Mobile developers need to have Windows on their PC.
    • Browse the manuals on the main page and download all of the getting started information.
    • Keep a notebook or document with brainstorming ideas for the own app, including what category it will be located in the app store, what the purpose of the app is and what the layout will look like.
    • Download other apps similar to own idea to see what customers already have access to and come up with ideas on how your app will be an improvement on those.
    • Download the programs needed on the computer to code the own app from the developer's centre.
    • IPhone developers require a Mac with the Leopard OS X, Windows Mobile requires ActiveSync and Visual Studio, and all four platforms require you download their most current SDK.
    • Android developers with no coding or programming experience also have the option to download App Inventor, software developed by Google that allows for easy Android app creation.
    • Develop the app by logging in to the developer's centre. Test the application on the own smart phone multiple times throughout the process in order to find any bugs or issues.
    • Submit the app to the developer's centre when gets feel it is ready to be published.

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