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    Is it legal to root Android phones in India

    Are you worried about legal issues in rooting Android phones? Follow this thread to learn if it is illegal to root Android phones in India.

    A lot of people are rooting their Android phones and install latest Android updates. My question is, is it legal in India to root Android devices and install custom ROM? Also, is it illegal to publish information about rooting the phones?
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    The rooting is the process where the user of the android device choose to overcome the limitations set by the manufacturers to have everything possible in the device. In America it is not called as illegal. But in our country also not considered so much. The rooting is the password breach of the linux based android operating system to overcome the limitations set by the manufacturers which are for safety purposes. You may know that after the process we can install third party firmware and software easily into the device without any restrictions. The things to be considered before doing rooting to the android device as follows.
    1. The first thing to be considered is the manufacturers warranty. It is important to note that the procedure is allowed but not by the users. Once you root the phone your warranty of the device gets lost whatever happens even on failure of the device. Read the end user license agreement to know more about this.
    2. The rooting is tough in olden days but we can find all the steps to do it easily and effectively online now. The main thing to know is the version of the Android device you are using. Because each and every operating system has different setup to work. So if there is any error during the rooting there is more chance to lose your android device without working. So keenly look for the version of the operating system of the device before starting the work.
    3. The next thing to be considered is the security. In the new devices which are not rooted and password protected the third party is difficult to breach the security. Since the password is open after rooting it is easy to breach your device by the third parties having high security issue. So it is good to be aware on using banking and other important apps without security breach.
    4. The final and the most considered one is backing up the data. Eventhough we are rooting the device not the memory card there is chance to complete erase of the details in the memory card. It is advisable to back up the necessary things from your device before starting the procedure.
    5. The above mentioned are the steps should be gone through before getting rooting the device and lost all the personal data and security breach.

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    Android OS is released under Apache license, means you are free to edit the source code. It is NOT illegal to edit this OS from any part of the world. This license says that you are free to edit, modify and distribute but you do not sell this modified OS.

    Rooting is not at all a bad term. In Linux root means you are the admin/owner for your OS. As a root user you can change the system settings and preferences as you prefer, normal user can't do this. Android is also a kind of Linux OS and follows the same principle.

    Smartphone vendors lock the OS because changing the settings without proper knowledge may cause the OS to malfunction. If you have thorough knowledge about Linux and their system settings you can be the root user. Mobile manufacturers restrict user to have root access.

    Learning about rooting and custom ROM increase your knowledge that how your OS works. Try to develop your own custom ROM, you can add functions whatever you like. Most of the custom ROM were released to decrease the bugs available in default Android OS. By rooting you can use the full performance of the processor. For example: If a processor have clock speed up to 1.6 GHz, mobile vendors will reduce it to 1.2 GHz for some reason. You can customize and set it to 1.6 GHz (or whichever is maximum). Mobile manufacturers won't utilize the full performance of the processor. You should edit the OS in the way to utilize the full performance of the processor.

    Caution: Rooting will void warranty. If your mobile phone got bricked then mobile phone vendors won't replace your mobile. It is because you are responsible for your mistake.

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