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What are the limitations/drawbacks of Android operating system?

Date: 12 Apr 2013   Group: Software & Apps    Category: Software   

We know Android OS is now most popular operating system but nothing is said to be perfect. I want to know what are the limitations or drawbacks of Android Operating system? What are the areas in which it still has to work on?

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Are you looking for the drawbacks of Android operating system? Follow this thread to know the limitations of the Android OS and the fields in which it has to excel more.

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Limitations of Android OS:
Below limitations are based on comparing a single mobile from each OS. I posted only the drawback I frequently read about Android and my practical experience.

Little lag
Still an Android OS with quad-core processor has a little lag. I tried opening Temple Run game in iOS (iPhone), Windows 8 (Nokia Lumia 920) and Android OS (Samsung Galaxy Grand). Once I clicked the game icon Windows 8 and iOS responded immediately and showed 'Play' button, but I found there is a little lag in Android and it showed 'Play' button nearly after 30 seconds. In Windows 8 and iOS the game opened just like a 1 KB text file. This is unsolved problem in Android OS and many tech experts commented about this. This is the only reason iPhone tops every time.

Awkward design
Android mobile design is always awkward. When I have that above mentioned mobiles in my hand, Lumia 920 was eye-catchy. It looks very professional and impressed me a lot. We still love Android mobile only for its free apps.

If you use Wi-Fi connectivity for about a hour you can feel the heat in fuselage (back panel). I didn't notice this either Windows and iOS.

Most of the complaints were made for app crashes and lags. But Android is the only OS that provides you unlimited free apps. In Windows or iOS you need to buy each and every app.


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