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    How to make money from blogging alone apart from AdSense?

    Are you a passionate blogger and want to make it a good earning source? Here are some best suggestions from our technical experts on pursuing your goal.

    I know the basics of blogging and how bloggers make money online. As there, the main source of income is through advertising, affiliate marketing and paid reviews, is there any other source of income for bloggers that would help them more than this or at least near to this? Please let me know.
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    I have been in blogging since 2010. Times have changed and now only those websites earn from AdSense which have a large team of paid authors producing content like newspapers. Google algorithms have almost killed individual blog owners.
    Add to this that whatever visitors we do get, a large part of them use Ad Blockers which further kills our income.

    The only good source of earning I feel nowadays is sponsored reviews which can help you earn nearly 10k per month with just 2-3 such posts.

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