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    The best apps for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

    Looking for the best apps for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Our technical experts are here to provide you with the most authentic answers.

    I would like to know which app is the best for dealing with cryptocurrencies viz Litecoin, Ripple and Bitcoin etc. Which crypto app is worth to install without any advertisement etc. and which one gives the option to deal with multi crypto coins other than Bitcoin.

    Also, which cryptocurrency app can quickly verify the members' account? Kindly elaborate on this.
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    Personally I prefer not to store my coins on mobile as it could lead to crashes and other issues. In your case you have two good choices for the cryptocurrency.

    1. Coinomi

    This is one of the best apps if you want to deal with large number of the cryptocurrencies. Here the support for the currencies is very high. And also the transaction costs are properly handled. You can also take backup. And you can restore very easily. So it's safe and secure wallet for the Android and iphone.

    2. Jaxx Android

    You have another option if you want to work with some of the dominant currencies. Jaxx works on desktop and the mobile too. And there seems to be ways to encrypt the data. So you get to work around the currency in multiple options. I suggest using this if you want simplicity.

    On the Windows desktop side. I would recommend making use of the Exodus wallet. It seems to be more secure and easy to back and restore. Jaxx also works on the desktop side. You may want to make use of JAXX for desktop as it supports more currencies.

    For Ripple, there is Gatehub which is secure and supported by ripple labs, so you should use that instead of using any specific wallet on mobile or desktop.

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