Is Reliance 4G phone is smart phone?

Is Reliance 4G phone a smartphone? Our technical experts have the right answers to the question.

Reliance has introduced a basic 4G phone in the market and giving to people against an unbelievable refundable advance of only Rs 1500. So the cost of the phone to the purchaser is almost nil.
Though the phone is having many advanced features its screen size is merely 2.4-inch and it is not a touchscreen. The internal storage is only 4GB, and RAM is 512 MB.
On the connectivity side, it is all right but the camera is having an average resolution. There are Jio applications available through which many utilities can be availed.
For general people using it mainly for calling etc appears to be a good choice but for high-end users, it may not be suitable.
With such features can we term it as a smartphone? Please share your opinion on this.