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    How to download Linux OS and how to install it?

    do you need information on how to download Linux OS and how to install it? Our technical experts are here to give you a step-by-step guideline.

    I heard that MacBook etc with Linux operating system are more effective than other OS. Many software companies are also using the Linux for their project compared to other OS. Thus, I would like to know from where to download Linux OS for free and how to install Linux in Windows operating system? Can we use both OS? Let us know the step by step procedure of Linux downloading, installing and using it effectively.
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    There are plenty of options when it comes to Linux. You have to choose which Linux distro is good for your taste. Ubuntu and Linux Mate are popular distributions. So choose one distro among them and follow the instructions below. In this case I am giving instruction for Ubuntu Linux.

    1. Download Linux DVD .ISO from
    2. Burn the DVD image and verify if it's bootable.
    3. Now change the BIOS settings in your computer to boot from USB or DVD.
    4. Boot into the Ubuntu desktop session from DVD. Run the installer once the desktop shows up.
    5. Choose Dual boot install option.
    6. Let the installation proceed. And once completed boot by removing the DVD.
    7. During the boot you get the choice for either Linux or Mac or Windows. In case of Mac you'd have another official bootloader overwriting the Ubuntu's.

    This is the typical process of the installation. I suggest checking following resources.

    1. Pendrive Linux :
    This site to learn how to make bootable linux DVD or USB.

    2. Ubuntu on Mac dual boot install walkthrough

    3. Ubuntu on Windows dual boot install walkthrough

    Hope this helps you to install Linux on your machine depending on the OS the specific instruction may vary. So I suggest checking out Youtube in that case.

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