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    Doogee Y6 Max 3D Defult Factory Setting Code Required?

    Do you want to set your Doogee Y6 Max 3D smartphone to factory setting? Our technical experts can help you through.

    I have forgotten the pattern code for the Doogee Y6 Max 3D smartphone. Can anyone help and suggest me how can I reset it in factory mode?
    Actually, my son blocked my phone pattern by attempting the wrong lock pattern and now the phone is locked and I cannot access the phone. So I have decided to reset the phone by whichever method is applicable.
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    If you want to reset your phone DOOGEE Y6 MAX 3D then you must follow the following steps:-
    First Method
    1. Control off the DOOGEE smartphone by holding down the Power catch for a brief span.
    2. At that point press and hold at the same time the Volume Up and Power key for a couple of moments.
    then the DOOGEE logo flies up discharge all keys.

    3.Next, utilize the Volume catches to choose "wipe information/production line reset" and tap the Power button to affirm.
    4.Subsequently pick "yes" from the menu, and acknowledge it with Power catch.

    5.At last, acknowledge choice "reboot framework now" by utilizing Power rocker.

    6.Victory! The hard reset operation ought to be finished.

    Second Method
    1.Turn on the cell phone by holding down the Power key for a brief span.

    2.Afterawrds from Main Menu find and select Settings.

    3.At that point open the Backup and Reset envelope and select Factory Data Reset.

    4.Tap Reset Phone and read the notice when it flies up.

    5.At long last, pick Erase Everything and the telephone will start reestablishing.

    6.Well done! The manufacturing plant reset is finished.

    Third Method

    1.At the absolute starting point hold down the Power key for a brief span keeping in mind the end goal to kill the gadget.

    2.A short time later press and hold together the Volume Down + Power catch for a couple of moments.

    3.Discharge all keys when the DOOGEE logo flies up.

    4.The production line mode ought to show up on the screen.

    scroll down to "Clear eMMC" by utilizing the Volume Down key and affirm this by squeezing the Power key.

    5.Magnificent! Presently the gadget is deleting every single individual datum and redid settings.

    6.The manufacturing plant reset operation will be finished when the DOOGEE Welcome Panel appears.

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    According to the sources available online, the steps involved in resetting your Doogee Y6 Max 3D to factory settings would be as here below -

    1. Power off the device by pressing and holding the power key.

    2. Press and hold Volume Down and Power button.

    3. Release the keyss once you see the DOOGEE logo.

    4. You should now get several options among which Factory Mode will be one of the options.

    5. Navigate to it through Volume key and confirm your selection through Power Button.

    That should do it. Your device will be reset to Factory Settings.

    Live....and Let Live!

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