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    LGv30 or go with Oneplus 5 ?

    If you are confused whether to choose LGv30 or go with Oneplus 5, our technical experts can guide you through.

    LG-v30 is a good phone but not as faster as OnePlus5. A bit confused between the two. Also, do both companies have regular software updates? And which phone has a better camera? Lg v30 has 4 GB ram while OnePlus5 has 8. Does it affect the performance? I have read that we rarely use entire 4 GB ram.
    I m a moderate user. Do tell me which one is better? Moreover, when will LG v30 be available in India?
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    As of now we can only suggest about OnePlus5 smartphone compare to LG V30 device as OnePlus 5 was already released and people are using it here around. The next one is about to come to India soon though it was already launched in other country. The review of the phone will be available any time later, so, once it is handy then we can at least tell something about that.

    However, OnePlus5 is better when we check the reviews online and checking them handy offline too. The results are awesome from this device including speed, camera result, overall performance etc. However, it doesn't mean these are the only gadgets we have as an option for the better performances to speak (except this question), there are many smartphones already around which are still better compare to these devices.

    When we compare between LG V30 vs OnePlus5 in real, then the real handy is better one compare to upcoming gadget which is about to release here soon with little higher specs, price compare to OnePlus5 device.

    Hafeezur Rahman

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