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    What is a Picasa Web Album? Is it safe to save photos in Picasa Web Album?

    Do you want to use the popular photo sharing website Picasa? Get details and guidelines on the safety or privacy involved in Picasa web album.

    I read that Picasa Web Album is a website where you can store photos online in cloud. What is Picasa Web Album? Is there any safety for the photos shared in Picasa Web Album?
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    Picasa is a website owned by Google. You must have a Google to access this website. Here you can upload and share your photos with your friends. You can only have the administrative rights over your account and no one can able to misuse it. There is high security for your photos. Google never share your information to anyone and if you want to share your photos with your friends, then you have to give the link to them so that they can view photos. Hope you understood.

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    Picasa is a online photo sharing site like any other social network. Now Picasa is product of Google. Also Picasa is associated with Google Plus. With Picasa application we can share our photos directly from our desktop. The latest's version is Picasa 3.9 having features like Upload and share your photos on Google Plus, Tag your Google+ friends and share pictures of them and Transform your photos with 24 new effects.

    Sharing photos on internet is not safe in any condition because they can easily get missuses. To avoid missuses of your Picasa album photo's go to settings and set as available for friends only.

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    Picasa Web Album is used to share your photos with your friends, family and relatives. If you upload your photo in Picasa there is chance for anyone to download your photo. If you think the photo must be accessed only by you then use Google Drive. We can't guarantee safety if you keep anything in internet. To keep your photo safe, then you must make your Picasa account secure. Use strong password and change your password once every two months. Strong password means combination of letters and numbers. Don't use dictionary words or your own name in password. If you follow this you can definitely keep your data safely.

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    Picasa is a web album which is hosted by the web giant Google. This web album can be used not only for storing your cherished photos on the web album but also it helps you in sharing your memorable photos with your friends and family members. As it is a well known fact that there is no guarantee of security for pics that are uploaded on the internet, as they may be easily misused by the users. So, for our safety purpose, it is better keep changing your password from time to time to avoid any such misuse of your uploaded photos or content. Moreover, share only those photos which are safe for sharing and do not use any personal photos on the net which have chances of being misused. However, the best way of sharing the photos is either through Google+ or Facebook and then have private setting as per your circle in these social network sites so that only the people you would like to share the photos can be viewed by them and not all.
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    Picasa is a software and webservice which is introduced by Google. It allows the users to upload and share digital images and photographs. Using picasa software we can edit the existing images and we can share that. The main advantage of picasa images is that it allows the users to store their images online. So we dont have to worry about our valuable moments which is flashed in our devices. Because in devices the chances for loosing data is more. Google picasa software runs on users computers. You can download it from Google. Once it is installed you can import your images from the folders in your computer to this. If you edited any of the images it will not affect the original image in your computer and the edited image will be saved in the web. So it will save the memory of computer. Using picasa web albums you can upload your original images or edited images from your computer to web easily. With these web albums users can also resize the images to a size which they needed. While dealing with the safety picasa is absolutely safe for uploading images. When you upload images try to avoid edited images because it may compress you image 15% and this will reduce the clarity of your picture. So if you upload your images with out any editing it will be good for your images.
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    Here are some of the properties of Picasa web album. Yes it is safe to save photos in Picasa Web Album. Lets have a look at Picasa Web Album-
    1. Picasa is an image viewer and editor.
    2. You can edit images, view images as album, and save them.
    3. This service is provided by the web giant Google.
    4. Picasa is originally created by Lifescape company in 2002 and in 2004 Google owned it.
    5. Picasa is a freeware software.
    6. You can download Picasa from Google store ( free of cost.
    7. Picasa runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OS X Operating Systems.
    8. The latest version of Picasa is 3.9.
    9. It also has Google+ integration for users of that service.
    10. You can directly upload your pictures from your album to your Google+ ID.
    11. Picasa also runs on Linux Operating System.
    12. Picasa has features like file importing and tracking for organizing pictures.
    13. Some other features are color enhancement, red eye reduction, cropping. slide shows, printing, and image timelines.
    14. Images can also be prepared for external use, such as for e-mailing or printing, by reducing file size and setting up page layouts.
    15. For searching Library there is a search bar. You can directly search a photo by writing a keyword in the search bar.

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    Picasa Web Albums
    It is a photo sharing website from Google. It is often compared to Flicker and similar sites. It allows users with accounts at Google to store and share 1 GB of large photos for free. Storage is unlimited for photos in the album. Videos less than 15 mins long won't be in count towards the limiting section. If the space limit is reached, it will automatically be re-sized. In both the cases of free and paid accounts, the actual resolution of the photo is maintained. A smaller resolution photo may be displayed by the web interface. In the version of Picasa 3, the original size upload option's pixel size remains the same. The JPEG compression will be increased significantly during the upload of PWA. If the JPEG is loosely formatted, then some of the pictures information will be lost. The only version Picasa 3.6 added an option to preserve original JPEG quality.

    PWA uses an unlisted number approach for URLs for a private photo album. This will make to enable user to email a private album's URL to anyone. The recipient can view the album without having to create a user account. It can be done via authentication key. It is safe to share pics on Picasa and better not to upload the photos which you feel are personal. PWA was first leaked on 6th June 2006. First it came with 250 MB free space. Later on 7th March 2007, it was upgraded to 1 GB. Then it was announced that the storage is now unlimited for small and re sized photos. Users can also rent additional storage space from 25 GB to 16 TB.

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    Picasa Web Albums is an online photo storage and sharing site from Google. It is safe to use it for uploading your photos. You can set privacy for your photos to be private or public.

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    Picasa is the application introduced by Google. We can store and organize the photos on Picasa online application. Those memorable pics can be edited and also shared with our friends.

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